All new facade panel with a linear grooved surface – Swisspearl® Largo Gravial

Gravial is the new large format fibre cement panel with a linear, geometrical grooved surface. Depending on the position and light, Gravial offers a rich contrast and unique interplay of shadow and light. It is perfect for making a special statement on both the interior and exterior of a building.

Rich contrast and a unique interplay of light and shadow. The linear geometrical grooved surface offers countless options for making a special statement.

Classic or contemporary, bold or subdued, no matter what colour you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Swisspearl’s beautiful and unrivalled fibre cement cladding range. But, if you can’t find the exact tone you need, Swisspearl even offers custom colour options.

Swisspearl’s new Gravial range is available in six colours and maintains the Swisspearl® fibre cement cladding characteristics of impact resistance, scratch resistance and excellent UV performance. This durable finish ensures long-term performance in our harsh Australian environment.

Key benefits:

  • Non-Combustible (DtS)
  • Highly durable fibre cement panels
  • Swisspearl is available in eight ranges and over 80 colours making it the largest high density fibre cement range in Australia
  • Full through colour

National distribution, technical and customer service in each state.

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