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Choose Vetérro® for Compliance and Versatility

Cladding your projects with Vetérro® offers designers confidence, knowing that it ensures compliance and offers versatility in architectural design.

Weatherproofing Compliance

Vetérro® Fibre Cement Cladding has been tested to AS4284 and meets the compliance requirements of NCC 2022.Specifically, it meets the F3P1 Performance Requirement and F3V1 Verification Method in Volume One and the H2P2 Performance Requirement and H2V1 Verification Method in Volume Two. 

These tests were carried out by an independent NATA-certified test facility commissioned by HVG Facades. The system was tested using the express joint fixing method and flexible weatherproof membrane, and was subjected to cyclic and static water and wind pressures in accordance with the National Construction Code. 
The test results showed:
  • no evidence of cracking or fatigue,
  • no leakage,
  • no water on the inside surface of the façade, and
  • no signs of water pooling.
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Versatility for Architectural Design

Vetérro® is a versatile and durable fibre cement cladding solution that is suitable for both new and existing projects. Offering a wide range of applications, including re-cladding, Vetérro® can give any structure a fresh and contemporised look. This adaptability makes Vetérro® the perfect choice for various uses, such as internal and external cladding. It is an ideal choice for aged care facilities, healthcare buildings, government offices, educational institutions, and commercial and residential projects. Vetérro’s versatility and strength make it an excellent solution that can add style and durability to any architectural design.

Experience the enduring beauty of concrete panels with Vetérro®’s Lusso range. Order your free samples here or view the product brochure below to elevate your space today!

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