Exciting new Vintago Range by Swisspearl®

Authentic, lively and unique

Vintago range is a solid colour fibre cement panel with a sanded textured surface. This range can be used in both the interior and exterior cladding materials of a building with a multifaceted and appealing aesthetic design. The mineral material of the fibre cement combined with a sanded surface gives Vintago a natural, authentic, lively and unique look.

Swisspearl is environmentally friendly, therefore the fibre cement is made by more than 95% of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains. This fibre cement material is recyclable and can be reused anytime, its longevity enhances both ecological and economic value of a property.

The Vintago colour spectrum includes 10 colours, ranging from onyx to black opal.

Swisspearl’s anti-graffiti properties, are impact and scratch resistant and have excellent UV performance. The durable finish on these fibre cement panels ensures long-term performance in our harsh Australian environment. Our Swisspearl range is stocked locally.

Key benefits:

  • Non-Combustible
  • Superior and durable composite cement sheet façade
  • Full through colour
  • National distribution, full technical service

Find out about Swisspearl today.
Contact HVG Facades today for more information on Swisspearl pricing or request a sample online now.
Call 1300 881 712 or email: info@hvgfacades.com.au

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