ALUCOBOND® A2 is the world’s leading aluminium composite material for fire performance.

ALUCOBOND® A2 meets the European fire requirements when tested as a whole product to EN13501.1, recording a non-combustible result of A2, s1, d0. ALUCOBOND A2 also achieves a Group 1 result when tested to ISO9705. ALUCOBOND® A2 enhances the design and applications of modern projects.

Test Description Result
AS 1530.3 Simultaneous determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat Release and Smoke Release” Ignitability Index   0

Flame Propagation 0

Heat Release         0

Smoke Release   0-1

ISO 9705 Full scale Room Test For Surface Products Group 1 Material according to BCA Specification C1.10.4 (b) (i)SMOGRA  0.630 m2/s2
EN13501.1 Classification Of Reaction To Fire Performance A2 – s1,d0

PCS (Calorific Value) ≤ 3.0MJ/kg

DIN 4102.1 Fire Behaviour Of Building Materials & Elements A2

ALUCOBOND® A2 tested to AS5113

Following this intense focus, we are pleased to announce that through extensive NATA approved fire testing and independent fire engineering,

ALUCOBOND® A2 has been tested both locally and internationally.  All testing undergone has been to the strictest standards providing the knowledge and comfort in the safety of Alucobond A2.

In addition to excellent fire performance, Alucobond continues to be the ideal solution for exterior facades offering a lightweight, rigid and weather resistant solution.

With an unsurpassed finish and flatness coupled with its dynamic range of over 50 stocked

colours, ALUCOBOND®  continues to provide architects complete freedom of creativity.

ALUCOBOND® provides inspiration through the ability that it can be bent, curved and shaped.

ALUCOBOND® continues to be a trusted choice for architects in a wide range of applications.

Offering local technical support and design consultation, ALUCOBOND® continues to lead the way in façade materials.