ALUCOBOND® A2 is the world’s leading aluminium composite material for fire performance.

ALUCOBOND® A2 meets the European fire requirements when tested as a whole product to EN13501.1, recording a non-combustible result of A2, s1, d0. ALUCOBOND A2 also achieves a Group 1 result when tested to ISO9705. ALUCOBOND® A2 enhances the design and applications of modern projects.

Test Description Result
AS 1530.3 Simultaneous determination of Ignitability, Flame Propagation, Heat Release and Smoke Release” Ignitability Index   0

Flame Propagation 0

Heat Release         0

Smoke Release   0-1

ISO 9705 Full scale Room Test For Surface Products Group 1 Material according to BCA Specification C1.10.4 (b) (i)SMOGRA  0.630 m2/s2
EN13501.1 Classification Of Reaction To Fire Performance A2 – s1,d0

PCS (Calorific Value) ≤ 3.0MJ/kg

DIN 4102.1 Fire Behaviour Of Building Materials & Elements A2

ALUCOBOND® A2 tested to AS5113

Following this intense focus, we are pleased to announce that through extensive NATA approved fire testing and independent fire engineering,

ALUCOBOND® A2 has been tested both locally and internationally.  All testing undergone has been to the strictest standards providing the knowledge and comfort in the safety of ALUCOBOND® A2.

In addition to excellent fire performance, Alucobond continues to be the ideal solution for exterior facades offering a lightweight, rigid and weather resistant solution.

With an unsurpassed finish and flatness coupled with its dynamic range of over 50 stocked

colours, ALUCOBOND®  continues to provide architects complete freedom of creativity.

ALUCOBOND® provides inspiration through the ability that it can be bent, curved and shaped.

ALUCOBOND® continues to be a trusted choice for architects in a wide range of applications.

Offering local technical support and design consultation, ALUCOBOND® continues to lead the way in façade materials.