Performance solution

By utilising the extensive results from local and international tests, Alucobond PLUS and Alucobond A2 can utilise a Performance Solution to satisfy relevant performance provisions within the National Construction Code (NCC).

Performance solutions use an assessment of both small and large scale tests, including data from the large-scale façade test as called up in AS5113, to provide a pathway of compliance to CP2 and CP4.

A2.2 – Evidence of suitability

A CodeMark Certificate of Conformity (CoC) offers a compliance pathway with the 2019 NCC under A2.2 – Evidence of Suitability.

The ALUCOBOND® CoC’s provide evidence of suitability when addressing the CP2 and CP4 performance requirements of the NCC 2019 Volume One. The assessment includes a large scale Façade test measured against the criteria within AS 5113.

The CodeMark CoC is backed by extensive NATA approved fire testing and independent fire engineering.