Project Details

This commercial building in Spain contributes to the regeneration of its respective district. The architects used Swisspearl® to communicate the purpose of the building: an uniform white cladding with a multicolored front give Los Mondragones a distinctive but unobtrusive presence in its urban context.


Location:                                Calle Ribeira Biero, Granada, Spain

Type of building:                 Public Holiday

Architect:                                Árgola Arquitectos, Madrid, Spain

Colours:                                   SWISSPEARL® Carat, Coral 7033, Onyx 7099; Reflex Crimson 9231
& Sunset 9230

Project Size m2:                  4054

Application:                           EXTERIOR

Building period:                   2011-2014

Photographs:                        Cristina Ruiz Saez, Granada, Spain

Colours & Finishes