Project Details

Ramlösagarden is a residential estate located on the outskirts of Helsingborg in Sweden. In this non-descript and stylistically incoherent neighbourhood, Danish architects Vandkunsten designed a self-contained and distinctively urban complex, composed of 27 terrace-type dwellings, arranged in four rows of various lenghts around a landscaped courtyard.

Location:                              MAGNIOLIAVÄGEN, RAMLÖSA, SWEDEN
Type of building:              RESIDENTIAL BUILDING
Architect:                             VANDKUNSTEN, COPENHAGEN, DENMARK
Colours:                                SWISSPEARL® CARAT, BLACK OPAL 7020
Project Size:                       6100
Application:                        EXTERIOR
Building period:                2004-2005
Photographs:                     CLAES WESTLIN, MALMÖ, SWEDEN

Colours & Finishes