Project Details

Located in Vedia and Melián, near Avenida General Paz and the Pan American Highway, this shopping mall has four floors of shops and restaurants, while another three accommodate operational services. Next to the mall stands a ten-story office building.

The eye-catcher in this building is the curved entrance part with 8mm Swisspearl® cladding in two different shades. Decorative aluminium caps attached to the middle fixing points of every other Swisspearl® module create horizontal lines across the diamond-shaped pattern.

Location:             Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project:                Shopping Mall
Architect:            PFZ Architects, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colours:               SWISSPEARL® Carat, Coral 7031; Reflex Autumn Leaves 9271
Project Size:      2500
Application:       Exterior

Colours & Finishes