Side wall of commercial building clad with fibre cement panels.

Lusso is the latest addition to the Vetérro® range

Introducing the Lusso range from Vetérro®, a through-coloured high-density fibre cement panel by HVG Facades that brings architectural excellence to your space. Vetérro® panels celebrate the biophilic design aging gracefully over time, developing a unique character that’s both captivating and distinctive whilst being versatile across architectural design styles. 

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The Lusso range is a collection of handpicked finishes that combine aesthetics, durability, and sustainability to create a harmonious blend. Its surface boasts subtle colour variations and delicate, smooth lines, adding sophistication to any space. The range contains a variety of ready-to-order finishes and made-to-order colours that can cater to your specific needs. The stocked range features earthy tones that inspire warmth, harmony, and connection within the built environment, making it a popular choice for designers and specifiers.

Vetérro®’s Lusso range is versatile and the fibre cement panel of choice for aged care, healthcare, government, education, commercial, and residential projects. It’s also an ideal solution for recladding applications. Vetérro® is designed and engineered in Europe, promising an environmentally friendly and long-lasting solution that’s a testament to nature’s finest elements.

Experience the enduring beauty of concrete panels with Vetérro®’s Lusso range. Order your free samples here and elevate your space today!

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