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MondoClad® – Confidence and Certainty

What is a CodeMark?

The CodeMark Certification Scheme is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme that authorises the use of new and innovative products in specified circumstances in order to facilitate compliance with Volumes One and Two of the NCC, also known as the Building Code of Australia or BCA.

Why should I choose a product that has been CodeMark certified?

Numerous audits are conducted during a CodeMark review in order to satisfy the Certification Authority that suitable processes are in place, ensuring consistency of the product or system from manufacturing through to installation.

HVG Facades’ CodeMark certificate involved an audit of our product installation process, as well as a quality and supplier management audit. Testing and installation of our MondoClad® solid aluminium panels was performed to satisfy stringent CodeMark requirements. Our premium solid aluminium cladding panels – MondoClad® will provide you with extra comfort and peace of mind knowing that it is CodeMark certified.

CodeMark certified products, such as HVG Facades’ MondoClad®, will provide you with:

  • Confidence
  • Conformance/Compliance
  • Certainty
  • The highest level of product assurance

MondoClad®, solid aluminium panel offers the highest quality level of marine grade alloy in the market and is backed by full technical support, ensuring a smooth process from design through to installation.

In addition, MondoClad® has been independently tested for fire performance, weatherproofing and hail impact providing the comfort of long-term performance in the harsh Australian environment.

With a high level of stock across the country, MondoClad® offers a wide range of colours with the ability to match custom colours to suit any project.

MondoClad® aluminium panels provide the ideal façade material for commercial buildings and recladding projects around Australia.  Offering an extensive colour palette, MondoClad® solid aluminium cladding provides a safe and durable solution to commercial building designs in Australia. Available in a wide range of colours, finishes and sizes, it also offers the chance to update a building with a more contemporary look. With its superior PVDF architectural paint finish and exceptional colour retention, MondoClad® will improve the durability of any project. Best of all, recladding can be achieved with very little disruption to the building’s operation and its occupants.

Setting the benchmark for pre-painted aluminium panels, MondoClad® lends itself to a wide range of applications including high rise buildings, education, and health care.

Non-combustible when tested to AS1530.1

This means that MondoClad® is NCC compliant, streamlining the building approvals process to ensure your project is met on time. It is also an ideal choice for recladding projects where existing panels used failed to meet state and national compliance laws.

20-year standard warranty

Contact HVG Facades today for more information on our MondoClad®Non-Combustible Premium Solid Aluminum Panels, or order samples  online now.

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