Premium Firestop Insulation for Curtain Walling systems

When it comes to fire, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions, Siderise is the leading international provider of firestops for curtain walling systems, and it’s now available in Australia through HVG Facades.

Currently, most Australian buildings with a curtain wall façade contain a smoke seal and a sprinkler system for further fire protection. The smoke seal is usually comprised of a galvanised iron two-piece tray system that’s filled with insulation. Although this insulation does provide a preliminary safety solution, in the unlikely event of a fire, this two-piece tray system will likely perish, meaning the insulation will fall away, and the gap will be left unprotected.

Furthermore, sprinkler systems have been known to experience activation failure, impeding the performance and therefore compromising the safety of the fire safety system and ultimately the occupants of the building.

To reinforce fire safety measures, Siderise perimeter barriers provide firestops to seal the passage of fire, smoke and harmful gases in curtain walls.

Less expensive than other fire protection solutions that only provide a smoke seal, and easier to install, Siderise perimeter barriers also assist with pressure equalisation of the curtain wall and function as an excellent acoustic buffer.

This world-renowned, accredited firestop system can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications.

Siderise perimeter fire barrier systems:

  • provides up to five hours resistance
  • supplied in one pre-compressed piece for ease of installation
  • protects against fire, smoke and gases
  • helps to provide an effective acoustic barrier
  • installation can be signed off by Siderise

With a proven history, Siderise has been an insulation provider of choice in construction, building services and OEM internationally for more than 40 years. HVG Facades is the exclusive distributor for Siderise in Australia.

For further information about SIDERISE in Australia or for technical advice email:  or visit or call 1300 881 712.

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