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SIDERISE perimeter barriers, fire stops and cavity barriers are distributed exclusively by HVG Facades. Assisting with separation between building floors and walls, they have provided acoustic, fire and thermal insulation solutions for curtain wall and external facade applications over 40 years.

HVG Facades utilise the SIDERISE product portfolio to work with architects, facade contractors and installers to develop effective, engineered solutions for fire, thermal and acoustic applications.

SIDERISE provides an innovative solution as a firestop cavity barrier, providing acoustic, fire and thermal insulation for external facade on buildings. 

Uniquely, we specialise in providing a design service for standard and bespoke perimeter barrier slab-edge floor closures, which combines fire and smoke resistance with the required sound insulation performance. This is complemented by a range  of acoustic barrier and insert systems which are used to improve the sound performance within the curtain wall environment.

Why is SIDERISE the best choice for slab edge protection behind curtain wall and external facade applications? 

When it comes to fire, thermal and acoustic insulation solutions, Siderise is the leading international provider of firestops for curtain walling systems.

The perimeter fire barrier systems assist with pressure equalisation of the curtain wall and function as an excellent acoustic buffer. Siderise is less expensive than other fire protection solutions, which may only provide a smoke seal, and is also easier to install. 

This world-renowned, accredited firestop system can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. 

SIDERISE perimeter fire barrier systems:
  • Provide up to five hours of fire resistance
  • Supplied in one pre-compressed piece for ease of installation
  • Protects against fire, smoke and gases
  • Helps to provide an effective acoustic barrier
  • Siderise app allows the installer to inspect each application and answer a simple questionnaire, therefore assisting with the QA process and ensuring that the materials have been installed correctly.
Insulation materials with a proven performance in fire protection and sound reduction

SIDERISE are leading manufacturers of acoustic materials for construction and other industries. The range includes a choice of an effective and proven sound reduction solution that deals with all common sound path problems. Available in a vast range of sound absorption, isolation, anti-vibration and damping materials.

This product range will suit the rigorous performance expectations of the specifier – as well as the stringent cost demands and practical installation needs of the contractor. At HVG Facades we aim to ensure architects, specifiers, main contractors and all our valued customers continue to benefit from design solutions that are robust and synonymous with best practice.

Contact HVG Facades today for more information on SIDERISE acoustic, fire and thermal insulation solutions. 

For project specific advice please talk to our facades technical team. Call 1300 881 712 or email  [email protected]   

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