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Swisspearl® panels are large non-combustible cement composite sheets that offer an unparalleled standard for exterior cladding materials. The panels are installed as a rear-ventilated system and are available in a number of standard and unique finishes.

Swisspearl® panels are non-combustible, rot-resistant, and virtually maintenance free.  We offer anti-graffiti properties in part of our range, are impact and scratch resistant, and have excellent UV performance. The durable finish ensures long-term performance in the harsh Australian environment.

The natural look and beauty of the material with its translucent or pigmented finish and though colour, delivers an exciting option for architectural design.





Manufactured in Switzerland and with millions of panels installed around the world, Swisspearl® provides a durable and aesthetically appealing product for all building designs.

In addition to the energy savings of a rear ventilated facade installation, Swisspearl® provides a sustainable advantage with 95% of the product being made up of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: cement, pulverised limestone, water and air. Less energy is consumed during the manufacture of Swisspearl® cement panels, as compared to many other building materials. With a lifetime in excess 40 years, Swisspearl® improves both the ecological and economical outcome of every building envelope.

Swisspearl® offers more than 100 colours and the option of custom colour matching, together with a variety of different coatings for exterior facades and cladding.


Rear ventilated façade / Rain screen cladding installed onto exterior thermal insulation

The design principle involves the deflection (screening) of the rain water. As the panel joints are not sealed, minimal amounts of water can gain access into the air cavity behind the panel. The cavity is naturally ventilated by vent gaps at bottom and top, so that any moisture will evaporate naturally by thermal action. Cladding systems that are sealed on the exterior do not allow any moisture to evaporate; thus leaks will lead to problems like mould, fungi, etc. on systems without rear ventilation.

  • Almost no maintenance
  • Maximum thermal insulation effect, without thermal bridges, keeping the building structure at a constant temperature; humidity / condensation is eliminated.
  • Considerable energy savings
  • No cracks, sealant, paint problems
Panel Technical Data
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  1.  Cladding panels
    Shield off the weather. The cladding panels are crucial for the appearance of the building. The panels are attached to vertical supports by rivets, screws or concealed fastening system.
  2. Vertical panel supports I Air cavity
    Made out of metal profiles or timber battens.
  3. Exterior thermal insulation
    Material, thickness and attachment to be determined by architect; including vapor/moisture barriers as required.
  4. Exterior wall

CARAT panels are integrally coloured with a transparent or pigmented acrylic top finish shade in shade. The unique natural look and the timeless beauty of the monolithic material with its delicate vein texture, provide an exciting and noble expression to every building.


AVERA is a new cement composite facade panel with a living texture never seen before. It brings out the authenticity of the mineral material and the differences in the texture and colour between the individual panels are a natural component of the products characteristic.


REFLEX panels are directional, mostly integrally coloured and have an iridescent surface coating which is purely acrylic. Changing lighting and angles of vision produce amazing nuances in color shades. For cutting and Installation, manufacturing direction of sheets is to respect.


INCORA individual granules are incorporated resulting in a symbiosis between the marble granular material and traditional Swisspearl  cement composite. The unique surface texture is then finished with a wafer-thin, transparent coating to ensure durability.


ZENOR cement composite panels, with a smooth opaque surface coating that resembles the base panel colour.


95% of Swisspearl® cement composite is made up of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: cement, pulverised limestone, water and air. This ensures an effective protection of material resources, avoiding unnecessary transport distances.  Swisspearl® cement composite panels are manufactured with low energy and a high level of environmental awareness. The manufacturing process is based on a closed water cycle and a slow natural curing time  of 28 days,  requires little energy. Within the factory, panels are only transported by electric lifting trucks , – i.e. no colloid dust. The panels are 100% environmentally friendly since neither the raw materials nor the production process contain any dangerous substances.

With a lifetime of over 40 years, Swisspearl® improves both the ecological and economical outcome of every building envelope.

When developing its products, Swisspearl® draws on its own exciting history, and examples of pioneering architecture, as well as seminal advancements in technology.
This is what also makes Swisspearl® the sustainable material of tomorrow.

The Swisspearl® cladding system is in accordance with the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation. This provides the key to energy conserving solutions both for winter and summer and effectively protects the building structure from the elements for a very long time.

Swisspearl® – A Swiss pearl for the environment.


Colour Range

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