SIDERISE® Extensive Range of Solutions.

Firestop, Smoke Seal and Sound Barriers for External Facade and Curtain Wall Applications.


The SIDERISE® portfolio, exclusively distributed by HVG Facades, offers over forty years of international experience across a range of products that present an unrivalled combination of fully qualified performance, practical installation and service benefits.

Firestop systems safeguard your building. They are critical in preventing the passage of flames in the event of fire between floors.

The primary function of the Siderise firestop products is to maintain continuity of fire resistance in curtain walls and external facades by sealing the gap between the compartment floors or walls and the external elements of the wall, both horizontally and vertically.

Roger Brooks, National Technical Manager at HVG Facades commented, “Passive fire protection solutions can play a vital role in high-rise buildings mitigating the effects of fire, for people and property.”

Fires in high-rise buildings generate large quantities of smoke that tend to spread vertically throughout the building, even if the fire is contained to only one room, therefore it is critical to address both fire and smoke protection.

When the linear gap at the perimeter edge between the floor and curtain wall or external façade is not properly sealed, flames and smoke will spread vertically to higher floors.

Addressing these linear gaps by installing accredited firestops helps to maintain the floor’s fire compartmentation of the building. This will delay vertical smoke in the upper floors of the building.


SIDERISE Cavity and Perimeter Barriers ensure a safe and practical solution

  1. The perimeter – firestops seal the linear gap between the edge of the compartment floor slab and the external curtain wall or external facade.
  1. Due to project designs and site tolerances, this linear gap can be variable, so the firestop system used needs to have a degree of ‘dynamic’ movement capability – compression and recovery – in order to accommodate serviceability movement.






All firestop systems need to be tested for two criteria – Integrity and Insulation (EI).

These two criteria are critical in the development of curtain wall perimeter firestop products.

SIDERISE have extensive independent test results meeting both criteria hence a safe cavity barrier solution.




In order to meet the fire and smoke seal requirements in external façade and curtain wall applications, SIDERISE CW-FS and SIDERISE RH/RV firestop products offer superior fire protection performance and easy installation.

SIDERISE® exclusively distributed by HVG Facades has provided acoustic, fire and thermal insulation solutions for building facades globally for over forty years.

In addition to providing an effective seal against the passage of smoke and fire, the products will also function as an effective acoustic barrier.

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