Cladding High-Rise Buildings

We work closely with professionals to deliver innovative solutions for each unique high-rise project. HVG Facades is a trusted distributor of premium cladding solutions, including MondoClad®, ZINTL®, and Vetérro®.

Why cladding matters for high-rise structures

HVG Facades offers high-performance cladding systems specifically designed to address the unique challenges of high-rises, meeting fire safety regulations, and regulating heat gain and loss for optimal thermal performance. Beyond functionality, our diverse range of cladding materials and finishes empowers architects and developers to realise their design vision and create visually striking landmarks. Together, we help ensure your high-rise projects are safe, functional and aesthetically captivating.

Types of cladding materials suitable for high-rise buildings

Selecting the optimal cladding material for your high-rise project requires careful consideration:

Solid Aluminium: They are durable and low maintenance whilst offering exceptional fire safety. The solid aluminium panel solution, MondoClad®, from HVG Facades is available in various colours and finishes and is a versatile option for cladding.

Fibre Cement: These panels are made from cement, sand, and cellulose fibres. The High-Density Pre-Finished Fibre Cement panel Vetérro® from HVG Facades offers a through-coloured solution paired with minimal maintenance, exceptional durability, and remarkable scratch resistance, making it the perfect solution for any project.

Safety and regulatory considerations

Prioritises this by offering compliant non-combustible solutions such as MondoClad®. Partnering with HVG Facades means prioritising safety, and regulatory compliance, making us your trusted partner in building the future of high-rise construction.

Case studies: High-rise cladding projects

Here is how we impact our community while providing modern solutions for high-rise cladding projects:

Choosing the Right Cladding Solution for Your High-Rise Project

Selecting the right high-rise cladding requires careful consideration of your project’s context, including climate, building usage, and local regulations. HVG Facades offers a comprehensive portfolio to cater to diverse needs, including aluminium for durability and fibre cement panels for design versatility. Prioritise performance with fire-resistant options, energy-efficient selections, and durable, low-maintenance materials. Partnering with HVG Facades grants you expertise in navigating regulations, peace of mind working with compliant products, and a wide range of colours, materials and finishes to offer seamless integration into your design. Ensuring your high-rise project achieves both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.
Exterior Facade of a high-rise commercial building in Sydney
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Partner with HVG Facades

HVG Facades emphasises the crucial role of cladding in ensuring fire resistance and weatherproofing, ultimately contributing to a building’s visual appeal and urban integration. 

We also offer the following services using brands like MondoClad®

Partnering with HVG Facades provides access to diverse cladding options like aluminium and fibre cement panels, expert guidance to navigate regulations, prioritise performance aspects like fire safety and energy efficiency, and seamlessly integrate cladding with your vision.

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