Residential Building Cladding

HVG Facades understands the crucial role cladding plays in residential architecture. Cladding systems act as the building’s first defence against the elements, improving weather resistance and energy efficiency. By understanding these multifaceted benefits, architects, builders, and developers can make informed decisions about selecting the ideal cladding solutions for their residential projects, ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and protection for residents.

Benefits of residential aluminium cladding

HVG Facades recognises the transformative power of cladding in residential architecture. Cladding systems offer many benefits beyond aesthetics that enhance a property’s value and performance. From improved insulation and weather resistance for increased building longevity and energy efficiency to a wide range of materials, colours, and textures that create unique and aesthetically pleasing exteriors, cladding is vital in enhancing curb appeal and marketability, ultimately adding value to the residential development. Understanding these benefits empowers architects, builders, and developers to make well-informed decisions when selecting cladding systems, ensuring optimal functionality, aesthetics, and value for their residential projects.

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Exploring residential cladding materials

Selecting the ideal cladding material for your residential project requires careful consideration of various factors, including aesthetics, budget, durability, and environmental impact. HVG Facades offers diverse cladding solutions, each with unique advantages and applications. Here, we delve into some of the most popular materials used in residential construction:

Bonded Aluminium:

  • Pros: Bonded aluminium cladding is durable, lightweight, aesthetically versatile, and low maintenance.
  • Cons: This material may experience expansion and contraction issues. Bonded aluminium can also amplify loud noises.

Solid Aluminium:

  • Pros: Solid aluminium cladding is durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically versatile. Ideal for harsh environments.
  • Cons: It can be expensive, compared to other options and is heavier than most materials used for cladding.

Fibre Cement:

  • Pros: Fire-resistant, durable, low-maintenance, versatile in design options, and mimics the look of natural materials like wood or stone.
  • Cons: It can be heavier than other cladding options, and installation may require specialised skills.

Innovative residential cladding systems

Our selection of non-combustible innovative cladding products includes open or express joint fibre cement rainscreens, as well as rear ventilated and sealed aluminium panels and extrusion profiles. Each of our products provides aesthetics, functionality, performance and versatility in finishes for design aesthetics on residential projects, catering to specific architectural styles and construction needs, while ensuring informed decision-making through expert collaboration for successful project execution.

Design trends in residential external cladding

To captivate the eye and enhance curb appeal, architects, builders, and developers can leverage HVG Facades’ diverse materials and systems, embracing trends like natural hues, bold accents, and mixed textures, with combinations like metal and wood and sustainable materials, adding functionality and aligning with eco-conscious preferences.
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Sustainability and environmental considerations

Recognising the importance of sustainable construction, HVG Facades offers a wide range of eco-friendly cladding options and energy-efficient systems. Architects, builders, and developers can contribute to responsible and environmentally conscious residential projects by selecting sustainable materials like recycled content or low-energy production materials and opting for locally sourced options.

Case studies: transformative residential cladding projects

HVG Facades is proud to showcase the transformative impact of our cladding solutions on real-world residential projects


Selecting the right cladding for your home

Choosing the right residential cladding requires balancing both functionality and aesthetics. HVG Facades offers diverse solutions for a variety of applications and architectural styles. From the modern sleek appearance of solid, composite and bonded aluminium panels, to the traditional weatherboard design with our interlocking aluminium weatherboards or embrace biophilic design with the natural style of our through coloured fibre cement panels that age gracefully over time.

Consulting with HVG Facades experts ensures optimal cladding selection for your residential projects.

Partner with HVG Facades

Selecting the right cladding is crucial for residential projects, impacting aesthetics and functionality. HVG Facades offers diverse materials and systems to enhance your developments beyond products by partnering with you to ensure informed decision-making throughout the selection process. 

We also offer the following services using brands like MondoClad®, ZINTL®, and

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