ALUCOBOND® is the world’s most recognised aluminium
composite panel range. Ideal choice for residential
and low-rise applications.

Premium Aluminium Composite Panel

With innovative designs and advanced technology, ALUCOBOND® PLUS is the leading aluminium composite panel range in the market. We meticulously chose materials to ensure our products’ lasting durability. These composite aluminium panels provide unmatched stability. Many prefer these composite aluminium panels for their flexibility and excellent finishes.

ALUCOBOND® PLUS keeps up with the highest standard of aluminium composite materials worldwide. This reputation ensures its continued selection by architects and designers who trust its ability to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of modern construction, sustaining its appeal and integrity for years to come.

ALUCOBOND® provides a vast colour palette, ensuring durable, architecturally vibrant hues that withstand even the most challenging conditions. Our range is designed to maintain its aesthetic integrity through various climates and intensive activities.

HVG Facades provides professional consultation and comprehensive technical assistance. We have a wide array of colour guides and samples. Architects and designers get more than just building materials with us. We commit to a partnership that realises their project’s vision.


Our portfolio includes ALUCOBOND® PLUS, a reliable product with superior features for aluminium composite cladding. These composite aluminium panels meet the rigorous demands of modern architectural applications.

ALUCOBOND® PLUS stands as the benchmark in the aluminium composite panel market, known for external cladding that is both light and rigid, offering unmatched weather resistance. Noted for its superior finish and flatness, ALUCOBOND® PLUS offers a dynamic range of over 50 stocked colours, granting architects complete creative freedom. Its versatility enables it to be bent, curved, and shaped, accommodating the most ambitious architectural designs. 

ALUCOBOND® PLUS’s recyclability affirms its commitment to eco-friendly practices. HVG Facades leads the industry, providing local technical support and design expertise. Although ALUCOBOND® PLUS does not meet the non-combustible criteria under AS1530.1, comprehensive technical performance advice is accessible via its CodeMark Certification.



ALUCOBOND® PLUS is excellent for aluminium composite panel cladding. We recommend it for diverse low-rise residential, commercial, and governmental applications. This versatile composite aluminium panel is acclaimed for its lightweight strength and durability balance, enhancing any project’s facade.

ALUCOBOND® PLUS presents designers with an array of vibrant colours and the ability to craft exciting shapes. Its flexibility ensures complete creative liberty, enabling the transformation of architectural visions into tangible realities.

Low Rise Applications

Cladding a new building or refurbishing an old one, there is no doubt that the long-lasting appeal of the contemporary finish, unparalleled durability and application flexibility make ALUCOBOND® PLUS an outstanding choice.

Modern Refurbishment

ALUCOBOND® PLUS instantly updates any building facade by transforming aged, tired or dated designs into new contemporary structures with striking appeal. 

A popular choice with building owners, ALUCOBOND® PLUS, is ideal for retrofitting existing buildings. ALUCOBOND® PLUS offers outstanding protection from the weather and will withstand the effects of industrial pollution. ALUCOBOND® PLUS is an energy-efficient and cost-effective method of contemporary renovation.


Aluminium Composite Cladding That's Made to Last

Choose HVG Facades for your aluminium composite panel cladding needs. Our ALUCOBOND® range, including the advanced ALUCOBOND® PLUS, ensures adherence to the highest quality standards and technical specifications. We don’t just supply; we aim to meet your expectations and exceed industry requirements. Trust in our commitment to excellence for your next project.

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