Fire rated cladding systems offer solutions for your next project

With the increased scrutiny and emphasis on providing fire-safe solutions to the Australian market, HVG Facades will assist each client in determining which non-combustible wall cladding panels from our product portfolio are suitable for your project.

We provide peace of mind by ensuring each client is aware of how our wall cladding options complies with the applicable building codes and standards. Clients can be assured that all non-combustible panels supplied by HVG Facades have met the stringent compliance requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC).

To request compliance certification or test reports, please contact your local HVG Facades representative or contact us at [email protected]

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At HVG Facades, we offer a selection of non-combustible panels which are aesthetically appealing in design and provide a solution to meet the compliance requirements for any project.

Both in our local market and those around the world, architects, builders and consultants are required to adhere to stringent regulations in order to provide safe buildings for occupants and protect building structures, which fire-rated products and cladding systems provide.

See our range of non-combustible panel options below offering extreme versatility, ensuring you don’t need to compromise on design nor safety for any project.


Fully weatherproof – MondoClad® and ZINTL®

Architects, builders, and engineers alike are increasingly concerned with the structural resilience of buildings and are placing a growing importance on making their constructions more durable and safer. A key focus in the building industry today, weatherproofing refers to the process of making a building capable of withstanding the effects of weather. It is an essential aspect of any construction.

Proper weatherproofing helps avoid undue dampness and deterioration of building elements, as well as prevents unhealthy or dangerous conditions developing inside the building that could affect the well-being of its occupants. Not only does weatherproof cladding minimise the chance of problems occurring once construction is finished, but it also keeps maintenance costs down in the long term. ZINTL®, is now fully weatherproof. HVG Facades is proudly leading the market in the testing of premium weatherproof cladding system – ZINTL® and solid aluminium panels MondoClad® . A premium interlocking aluminium cladding system and solid aluminium panels have passed all the compliance requirements of the NCC 2021 Weatherproofing Verification Methods V2.2.1 and FV1.

Our clients have come to rely on HVG Facades as their supplier of choice thanks to the high level of support we provide at every stage – from specification through to installation. Our breadth of knowledge and technical expertise covers our products, as well as all corresponding NCC requirements. And our range is backed by NATA approved testing that does not just meet conditions, it surpasses them, for that extra peace of mind. HVG Facades now has two products in their non-combustible range that are fully weatherproof, ZINTL® and MondoClad®.

Modern Slavery Statement

HVG Facades has secured a Modern Slavery Statement for Financial Year 2021. This is a Commonwealth Government initiative ensuring medium to large organisations comply with all applicable Australian and International slavery legislation including the Modern Slavery Act 2021 (Cth) and the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (NSW).   HVG’s Modern Slavery Statement will be updated on an annual basis to keep you informed on the progress of actions taken by the Modern Slavery Working Group, which has been created to assess and manage the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain.

Our Brands

HVG Facades’ range of products are used in a wide variety of projects ranging from new builds to recladding applications across the residential, commercial, industrial, educational, aged care, healthcare and recreational sectors.
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Non-Combustible Premium Solid Aluminium Panels

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World’s most recognised Aluminium Composite Panels

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Non-Combustible Premium Interlocking Aluminium Cladding System

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Decorative High-Pressure Compact Laminate

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Premium Bonded Aluminium Panel
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Discover our range of non-combustible cladding including MondoClad®, Swisspearl® and ZINTL®.

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High-Density Pre-Finished Fibre Cement Cladding

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