Exterior Wall Cladding Panels

We offer a range of external cladding materials suitable for a variety of facade applications and recladding projects

At  HVG Facades we have a wide range of exterior cladding choices. Our range of exciting exterior cladding options across Australia can be used in a variety of applications on projects of all sizes and styles. The broad suite of external wall cladding systems offered by HVG Facades are crafted from superior materials, making them the perfect choice for commercial, multi residential,  and industrial projects across Australia. In addition to the extensive façade materials offered, full technical and sales support is available locally in each state.

Building Design Versatility With Our Range Of Exterior Cladding Panels

HVG Facades, Australia’s leading distributor of premium non-combustible, external wall cladding systems for the construction industry. From high-rises to hospitals, schools to sporting arenas, HVG Façades has been supplying exterior cladding products to future Australian design classics for more than 60 years. 

HVG Façades’ products are used in a diverse range of exterior cladding, remedial and recladding applications across the residential, commercial, education, aged care, sporting and healthcare sectors. Timelessly elegant and stylish, our products are available in a broad spectrum of colour options, offering availability in various sizes that can be customised to suit individual needs.

A Portfolio Of Superior External Cladding Materials Built To Last

HVG Façades is a supplier of superior cladding brands that offer high fire performance, low maintenance and proven durability in the harsh Australian environment. Three of HVG Façades’ numerous cladding solutions are non-combustible and can be used across multiple applications.

External Cladding Systems Meeting NCC Compliance

MondoClad®premium solid aluminium panels offer a streamlined pathway of compliance as they are certified non-combustible to AS1530.1 under clause C1.9(e)(v) of the National Construction Code (NCC).  Fire performance solutions without compromising design.

Specialist Technical Team To Walk You Through Exterior Cladding Options

With a highly experienced team to support the ideas of architects, property developers, designers and builders at every stage of the process, our customer-focused team cover it all. We are always available to provide samples, detailed technical support and give one-on-one advice. HVG Façades has a national network of warehouses, inventory holdings in each state, as well as local technical assistance to ensure each project runs smoothly and on schedule.

Our Brands

HVG Facades’ range of products are used in a wide variety of projects ranging from new builds to recladding applications across the residential, commercial, industrial, educational, aged care, healthcare and recreational sectors.
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Non-Combustible Premium Solid Aluminium Panels

Farm Field Services_ALUCOBOND_Our Brands image_1

World’s most recognised Aluminium Composite Panels

Reservoir Townhouses_ZINTL_Our Brands image_1

Non-Combustible Premium Interlocking Aluminium Cladding System

Res Library_Trespa_Our Brands image_1

Decorative High-Pressure Compact Laminate

nucleo 650px
Premium Bonded Aluminium Panel
ESR Clayton _MondoClad_Our Brands image_1

Discover our range of non-combustible cladding including MondoClad®  and ZINTL®.

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High-Density Pre-Finished Fibre Cement

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