HVG Facades offer a range of quality facade materials suitable for a wide range of applications, including those projects requiring recladding or retrofitting

HVG Facades are the leading industry experts in the delivery of quality, modern and trusted façade products throughout Australia.

Retrofitting a building is common where the façade has become outdated, worn or tired and new design is needed.  In addition, buildings may require rectification works to meet regulations.

Best of all, recladding can be achieved with very little disruption to the building’s operation and its occupants.

On certain buildings, it is necessary for non-compliant products to be updated and reclad with products that are NCC compliant.

Recladding buildings – a wise choice

In the current building environment, recladding options have quickly become a necessity for compliance and insurance purposes.   More and more, local authorities are demanding that non-compliant cladding materials are replaced with a non-combustible façade to meet the stringent Australian Standard, AS1530.1.

In addition, recladding doesn’t just offer enhanced safety and peace of mind, it also delivers a range of other benefits.

With ever-increasing energy prices and a continued focus on sustainability, there is a growing demand for more thermally efficient construction systems. Recladding provides the opportunity to implement these practices with modernised fixing systems and materials.

Recladding also allows for an opportunity to refresh a building with a more modern and contemporary look, integrate it with its environment, and re-energise the overall ambience of the surrounding area. A retrofit can even improve a building, by giving it a longer-lasting, more robust finish.

Dedicated Technical Specialists

Our team of dedicated technical specialists, with their in-depth industry knowledge and aptitude, can provide technical advice and guidance required for the recladding service of your project.

With a proven track record, our highly skilled staff offer experience in supporting projects across a wide range of industry applications.

HVG Facades have been involved in several reclad and retrofit buildings,  utilising their quality exterior cladding materials and future proof solutions.

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