Why is recladding so important?

MondoClad® - the premium choice

Recladding refers to the replacement of existing cladding on the external façade of a building. Recladding becomes necessary when the existing cladding (usually aluminium composite cladding) is considered unsafe or has begun to deteriorate.  

In the current building environment, recladding is not just about achieving peace of mind, it has become an essential prerequisite for compliance and insurance purposes. Local authorities are increasingly demanding that non-compliant cladding materials are replaced with a non-combustible façade to meet the strict Australian Standard, AS1530.1.

Here’s where HVG Facades’ premium solid aluminium pre-finished panel solution, MondoClad®, comes in. Developed from marine grade aluminium, MondoClad is the ideal non-combustible external cladding solution for project builds that need to meet fire compliance laws.

Our premium solid aluminium cladding panels – MondoClad® will provide you with extra comfort and peace of mind knowing that it is CodeMark certified.

NCC compliant and certified to AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, MondoClad® non-combustible cladding can help streamline the building approvals process to ensure your project is met on time. And, as MondoClad® is stocked locally, there are reduced lead times for delivery.

Recladding with MondoClad® does not just offer enhanced safety, it also delivers a range of other benefits. 100% recyclable, it allows for the opportunity to install a more environmentally friendly façade. Available in a wide range of colours, finishes and sizes, it also offers the chance to update a building with a more contemporary look. While its superior PVDF architectural paint finish and exceptional colour retention, means MondoClad® will improve the durability of any project. Best of all, recladding can be achieved with very little disruption to the building’s operation and its occupants.

HVG Facades is the leading industry expert in the delivery of quality, modern and trusted façade products throughout Australia. Our team members have excellent industry and technical knowledge and are available to assist in any enquires. 

HVG Facades offers recladding solutions in all states across Australia.

Recladding in NSW

The CPSP (Cladding Product Safety Panel) provides expert advice to the NSW government on the suitability of cladding products for work carried out under Project Remediate.

Project Remediate is the NSW Government’s program supporting the removal and replacement of non-compliant cladding on residential apartment buildings.

Only cladding products recommended by the CPSP can be used under the program.

As a leading supplier to the NSW Façade Industry, we are pleased to announce that HVG Facades have replacement options available for review and assessment to help address the required criteria as part of Project Remediate requirements.

Talk to us about our EnviroSmart™ recycling program which guarantees that 100% of non-compliant ACP cladding removed will be recycled and diverted from landfill.

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Ethical. Sustainable. Transparent.

Recladding for a safer today. Recycling for a better tomorrow.

HVG Facades is proud to be a leading supplier of recladding materials to the Australian construction industry. Where the mandated removal of all non-compliant polyethylene (PE) cladding is in place, the amount of waste generated by redundant cladding is estimated to exceed more than 20,000 tonnes. HVG Facades is committed to reducing the impact this waste will have on our environment.

HVG Facades has partnered with EPA registered and Green Star certified recycling experts to develop EnviroSmart®.

EnviroSmart® is a program that not only takes into account the current safety of construction, it considers the future health of our planet. This program is an end-to-end solution that provides a cost-effective and safe way to remove and recycle aluminium composite panels. It’s completely transparent and will leave you with certified documents you can share, should the need arise.

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