Cladding for Commercial Buildings

HVG Facades is a trusted distributor of premium cladding solutions, including MondoClad®, ZINTL®, Nucleo®, Vetérro®, Alucobond PLUS®, and Trespa®. HVG Facades recognises that cladding for commercial buildings is critical in protecting its exterior, enhancing energy efficiency, and shaping the overall architectural identity.

Why cladding is essential for commercial buildings

Cladding commercial buildings enhances visual appeal with diverse materials and textures for striking exteriors. Beyond aesthetics, high-quality cladding is a protective barrier against the elements, safeguarding the building envelope and extending its lifespan. Cladding a commercial building can also lower maintenance costs as time goes on since many cladding materials are durable and easy to maintain, only requiring occasional cleaning to preserve their appearance.

Types of cladding materials for commercial buildings

When completing a new construction, choosing the right cladding material is important for the success of your commercial building project. HVG Facades offers a comprehensive selection of materials, each with unique benefits.

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  • Solid Aluminium Cladding: offers a lightweight and durable material that makes installation effortless while ensuring that the externals of commercial buildings last a long time. HVG Facades solid aluminium solutions include MondoClad®, a non-combustible panel and the perfect choice for your next recladding project, and ZINTL®, our premium Interlocking Cladding System range of aluminium weatherboards and snap-in battens.
  • Bonded Aluminium Panels: Require minimal upkeep thanks to their inherent weather resistance, ensuring low maintenance and long-term durability for your investment. Nucleo® by HVG Facades an aluminium panel with an internal profiled core structure for an ultra-flat finish, offering a durable solution for Type C construction.
  • Fibre Cement Cladding: A top choice for commercial buildings its durability and weatherproof qualities make it a reliable option, capable of withstanding even the most challenging weather conditions for long-term performance. The latest fibre cement cladding solution from HVG Facades is Vetérro® as a through coloured panel offering endless design solutions to architects and designers.
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Features and benefits of cladding for commercial applications

HVG Facades’ cladding panels offer a compelling combination of features and benefits:

  • Durability: Engineered to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan for your building’s exterior and reducing maintenance costs.


  • Minimal Maintenance: Non-porous surfaces resist dirt, dust, and mould, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning or repainting and saving you money in the long run.


  • Design Versatility: With diverse materials, colours, textures, and finishes, our extensive selection empowers you to achieve your unique aesthetic vision and create a visually stunning commercial space that reflects your brand identity.


  • Compliance with the National Construction Code: We adhere to its standards and requirements throughout a building or structure’s design, construction, and occupation phases.

Case studies: Commercial cladding projects

HVG Facades has partnered with many commercial projects to provide the materials needed to create an impactful exterior. Here are some case studies that we have helped in:

Side wall of commercial building clad with fibre cement panels.

Choosing the right commercial wall cladding systems

Selecting the ideal commercial wall cladding system requires a multi-faceted approach. HVG Facades offers expert guidance, considering various factors: building type (retail, office, healthcare) to match functionality and aesthetics; climate (weather resistance, energy efficiency); aesthetic goals (materials, colours, textures) to achieve your vision; and building codes & standards (compliance with all safety and performance regulations).

Partner with HVG Facades

By partnering with HVG Facades, you can access our extensive expertise, high-quality cladding solutions, and commitment to exceptional service.

We also offer the following services using brands like MondoClad® and Vetérro®:

Though the initial cost of premium cladding may appear higher, the long-term benefits in maintenance savings, energy efficiency, and building lifespan outweigh the investment. Contact HVG Facades today to discover how our expertise and innovative cladding solutions can elevate your commercial space.

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