Upper Terrace of the Wurriki Nyal Civic Centre captured with Drone Footage showcasing ZINTL cladding.

Case Study – Wurriki Nyal Civic Centre | ZINTL

A result of an extensive dialogue between the City of Greater Geelong and the community, this new civic centre reflects the needs and aspirations of its population, as well as recognising the cultural context of the area – and the experience of the First Nations people.

This exquisite edifice boldly defining the water-side precinct was designed by COX Architecture and brought to life by BESIX Watpac, and its striking facade fuses the contemporary angularity of glass and aluminium with the more organic feel of the mass timber structure within.

The Design Challenge

One of the key aspects that came out of the consultations with the community was the building’s impact on the environment. As such, the environmental concerns played an important role both in the architectural outcomes of the project, as well as the selection of building materials. It was paramount for the specified products to support the sustainable ambition of the project, to advance Wurriki Nyal towards becoming both a 6 Star Green Star and a 5 Star NABERS building.

As a benchmark building for the City of Greater Geelong – as well as Australia’s only UNESCO City of Design – Wurriki Nyal was to set a high standard for any future developments in this urban centre. Incorporating only the highest quality products was essential to setting a new standard for Victoria’s design capital.

How ZINTL® became the solution

Locally-made as well as 100% recyclable, ZINTL® – a premium interlocking aluminium weatherboard from HVG Facades – fit the bill perfectly. The installers on the project, Signal & Hobbs wanted to find a locally produced, high-quality cladding product that would both suit the application of Geelong’s new Civic Centre and accommodate the building program. ZINTL® was an excellent choice, and – as a result – replaced another external cladding product originally specified by the architects.

From our end, the change to ZINTL® was very smooth as all the required paperwork was on hand from the supplier,” explains James Robertson, Senior Project Engineer at BESIX Watpac. “This made things very easy for our architect, engineers and registered building surveyor to sign off the product.

900 square metres of the product were specified on the rooftop terrace, soffit and the entryway to the precinct. The versatile battens were specified in two colourways – Dark Bronze and Black Ace – and the rich shades aptly match the overall palette of the project, accentuating the building’s geometries and striking design.

However, the aesthetic appeal, versatile profile and environmental credentials weren’t the only elements that made ZINTL® the preferred choice. “Being locally produced, ZINTL® took away some of the challenges we would have experienced with the original product, which is manufactured in New Zealand,” explains Lloyd Jordan, a Project Manager at Signal & Hobbs. “ZINTL® cut down that timeframe from 10-12 weeks to a 2-3 weeks lead time, which was great. And the price point was comparable.

On top of that, the weatherboard was quick and efficient to install, and the HVG Facades – very easy to work with. “And they are a great supplier overall. They’re responsive, transparent and open. We have been working with them for a couple of years now, and they are fantastic partners.”

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