Premium Interlocking Aluminium Cladding System.

HVG Facades understands how interlocking panels are crucial for both aesthetic and structural integrity in contemporary construction—introducing ZINTL®, our premier interlocking aluminium cladding solution crafted from superior materials to ensure longevity and performance. Choosing ZINTL® means investing in durable and reliable aluminium interlocking panels designed to withstand the test of time.

Timelessly Elegant And Enduring Material that’s Australian Made®

ZINTL® is an exceptional range of fire-resistant aluminium interlocking panels, offering versatile and non-combustible cladding solutions for many construction needs. 

Embodying timeless elegance with enduring materials, ZINTL® interlocking panels meet stringent safety and performance standards: certified to C1.9 (e)(v) and rigorously tested to AS1530.1, satisfying both F3P1 Performance Requirements and FV1.1 Verification Method as per AS4284 assessments.

Each ZINTL® interlocking aluminium cladding profile embodies construction safety, affordability, and modern aesthetics. 

As a proudly Australian Made and Owned® product, ZINTL® offers assurance in the quality and performance of your façade choices. 

Designed for rapid and economical installation, ZINTL® requires minimal maintenance while offering extensive customisation to fulfil your project’s unique specifications.

Suitable for various residential, educational, commercial, and healthcare applications, ZINTL® ensures your project benefits from durable, aesthetically versatile interlocking weatherboard profiles, available in a selection of powder-coated solid or wood grain finishes.

High rise apartment building, showcasing a weatherboard look façade in black with the QLD coast in the background

High-Quality Interlocking Aluminium Weatherboard that’s easy to install

When it comes to quality and performance, ZINTL® stands unparalleled. We designed our aluminium interlocking panels to be corrosion-resistant, guaranteed to withstand Australia’s severe and harsh landscape. The premium construction of ZINTL® aluminium cladding ensures it will not oxidise, even over prolonged periods.

ZINTL® is tailored for diverse preferences and settings, offering a spectrum of natural, bold, and subtle hues. Its contemporary design and long-lasting materials make it exceptionally suited for coastal environments and places with high footfall, affirming its versatility for various architectural needs.

Our ZINTL® range boasts a broad array of Interpon and Dulux powder-coated finishes, giving our interlocking aluminium cladding a durable and attractive touch. These finishes can elevate the aesthetics and longevity of our premium aluminium weatherboards.

Above all, our ZINTL® cladding systems are easy to install. This thoughtful design expedites construction timelines, allowing for seamless integration into projects saving time without sacrificing the highest quality and safety standards.

Our premium wood grain range that lasts

Our ZINTL® aluminium cladding offers a diverse selection of ezy HD2 woodgrain finishes, catering to custom preferences. These fully customisable interlocking aluminium cladding panels are meticulously designed to look beautiful without compromising function, ensuring a tailored fit for any project.

ezy HD2 wood effect coating provides maximum definition and durability using the advanced powder-on-powder coating system. This system is unique to the Australian market and produces a finish with a realistic look and feel and a superior exterior performance. 

ezy HD2 finishing was created from technology developed and patented in Italy to decorate and protect architectural aluminium with a natural wood effect. ezy HD2 is the first system to obtain a realistic wood effect coating using a powder-on-powder process that ensures high definition and a highly durable finish for your product.

ezy HD2 was designed to meet the needs of surfaces exposed to UV rays and extreme weather conditions.


Versatile ZINTL® Battens Architectural Facade System

With a wide range of Wood Grain and Powder Coating finishes and varying size options available, ZINTL® Battens allows you, as the designer, to realise your creative vision.

Previously, such freedom resulted in inconsistency due to the nature of custom manufacturing. With ZINTL® Battens standard sizes and modularity, we can supply you with an accurate and consistent architectural batten system.

As ZINTL® has 100% recyclable aluminium interlocking cladding, it stands out as a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for construction projects. Its durability and recyclability make it a practical investment for the environment, reducing waste and resource consumption over time. 

ZINTL® Batten uses a simple ‘snap-in’ locking system to aid in quick and easy installation. Simply mount the batten inner, then firmly snap on the batten outer until a ‘click’ is heard.

ZINTL® features:

Our range of ZINTL® cladding is easy to maintain, durable and sustainable. This includes:

Upper Terrace of the Wurriki Nyal Civic Centre captured with Drone Footage showcasing ZINTL cladding.

Premium Interlocking Aluminium Cladding Systems

Integrate ZINTL® for your next commercial or residential project. Our selection of interlocking aluminium cladding profiles looks visually appealing and offers compliance with safety standards. Contact us today to explore the potential of ZINTL® for your build.

Explore the rest of our diverse range:


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