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High-Density Pre-Finished Fibre Cement

Vetérro® speaks to the beautiful way in which the concrete panels develop a warm, unique character over time.

The natural through-coloured panel highlights the raw beauty and matte texture of cement. Each panel has subtle variations in colour and pigment which allow for slight differences in its tonality and texture, making it unique. With time and weather, these subtle textures are enhanced – and the panels age like a ‘fine wine’. This warmth and sense of character
makes the product a perfect fit for community buildings such as schools and hospitals.

Vetérro® is ideal for new projects as well as recladding applications, making it a perfect solution for internal and external fibre cement wall
cladding for aged care, healthcare, government, education, commercial and residential projects.

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European Excellence and Designer Detail

Vetérro® is designed and engineered in Europe, so has a rich backstory of European excellence and designer detail. It stands as a testament to nature’s finest elements, promising an environmentally friendly and enduring solution.

Vetérro® presents a multitude of benefits, such as minimal maintenance, exceptional durability and remarkable scratch resistance, making it the perfect solution for any project.

Boasting high-impact resistance, noise reduction, and thermal properties, coupled with a 10-year warranty. Its comprehensive fixing system, encompassing panels, battens, and accessories, not only simplifies installation but also reduces the overall time required.

Vetérro® is available in multiple stocked colours and made to order and offers flexibility with sheet lengths of 2.5m and 3.05m, contributing to a reduction in material waste.

Vetérro® Features

Our Commitment to Sustainable Cladding

At HVG Facades our commitment to sustainability is one of our core business objectives – we aim to minimise any negative impact we have on the environment. The materials we offer such as Vetérro® provide long life performance are low maintenance and extremely durable, therefore reducing the overall environmental footprint of the building. 

HVG Facades is proud to be a leading supplier of recladding materials to the Australian construction industry. HVG Facades has partnered with approved recycling experts to develop EnviroSmart®.

EnviroSmart® is a program that seeks to address a significant need in the construction industry, in a sustainable manner that contributes to the future health of our planet. This program is an end-to-end solution that provides a cost effective and safe way to remove and recycle aluminium composite panels. As a completely transparent solution, EnviroSmart® can provide certified documentation of the entire process.

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