Top Hat

Top Hats are used to provide sub framing for fixing ALUCOBOND® in a variety of cladding applications.

Our Top Hat profiles come in various depths and lengths to suit your framing requirements.

Standard face width: 50mm

Standard leg heights: 15mm, 25mm and 35mm.

Gauge: 1.15bmt material

Standard lengths: 3600mm and 6000mm, custom lengths on request


HVG supply 1.5mm gauge aluminium Z-Angles for mechanically attaching ALUCOBOND® to sub framing. Z-Angles are designed to interlock, reducing installation time on site.

Large Z-Angle 1:24mm x 18mm
Large Z-Angle 2: (NSW)40mm x 18mm x 10mm
Small Z-Angle 1:22.5mm x 18mm
Small Z-Angle 2: (NSW)23.5mm x 18mm x 10mm
Standard length:4 metres

tesa® ACXplus

The innovative, double-sided tesa® ACXplus acrylic core adhesive tapes are based on a globally unique, particularly eco-friendly technology.

The highly viscoelastic core of the tapes is the key for properties that withstand even the most adverse conditions and provide an ideal fixing method for ALUCOBOND® composite materials.

The tapes consist of a high-performance acrylic adhesive system and is primarily characterised by the following features:

  • Bonding power
  • Stress dissipation
  • Temperature and weather resistance

3M Tape

High Performance adhesives

3M tapes utilise high performance adhesives which have excellent long-term holding power. The peel adhesion and tensile holding power of tapes in the VHB family are significantly higher than typical pressure sensitive tapes.

3M tapes are ideal for bonding ALUCOBOND®.

Note: Adhesives and sealants do not adhere to the plastic core.

Apply to the aluminium cover sheet only.


The Alucofix Installation System  makes fixing ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite material even easier and quicker than before.

Designed specifically for ALUCOBOND®, this unique system offers enormous benefits including a simpler fixing method and neater finished result.

Major Benefits

  • Increased spanning capabilities
  • Reduced number of fixings
  • Reduced installation time
  • Automatic face alignment of panels
  • Adjustable joint widths
  • Joints suitable for sealant or
  • EPDM gaskets
  • Inbuilt allowance for thermal and building movement


This video shows 4mm aluminium sheet being profile cut at 12,500mm/min on a Multicam CNC router. The model is a SR2412vi


ALUCOBOND® composite milling machine.

Festool’s aluminium composite milling machine is the perfect solution for working with ALUCOBOND® composite materials. Precise, neat and quick – creating a faultless
V-groove is easy, even on building sites.

Main benefits include;

  • Precise routing depth and exact maintenance of depth thanks to the changeable follower roller straight, exact cuts, combined with work piece protection through the guide rails and the use of the adjustment aid
  • Rapid routing progress and a neat routing pattern thanks to the carbide-tipped blade cutter.
  • Mobility on the building site and easy transportation because of its lightness
  • Rapid adaptation to different material thicknesses through the simple change of the follower roller.
  • High durability and ruggedness with the high-quality components and original Festool accessories
  • Machine protection and long service life through MMC electronics with integrated smooth start-up and current and temperature control.
  • Simple and safe handling through the proven plunge-cutting principle
  • Optimum extraction of all chips working together, this simple but extremely versatile product concept has been developed to provide a façade material with a host of advantages for architects.

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