European design. For the Australian landscape.
Style. Structure. Substance.

Swisspearl® sets an unparalleled standard in high density fibre cement cladding with its extensive range of colours and finishes for providing ultimate architectural flexibility.

Designed to provide maximum fire resistance for peace of mind, Swisspearl is an ideal option when choosing fibre cement panels for your next project.

With a range of colours, textures and finishes that’s unsurpassed, as well as the versatility of custom fabrication to suit your individual needs, Swisspearl fibre cement wall cladding offers endless design possibilities.

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Non-combustible, hard-wearing and impact resistant, Swisspearl high-density fibre cement panels have been designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

Manufactured in Switzerland with a high level of environmental awareness and installed using natural and energy efficient methods, Swisspearl improves building exteriors both aesthetically and ecologically.

Swisspearl high-density fibre cement external cladding is ideal for new projects as well as recladding applications, making it perfect for internal and external fibre cement wall cladding for aged care, healthcare, government, education, commercial and residential projects.

Swisspearl® Features and Benefits

Extensive Colours &

There are 90 stunning coloured finishes divided amongst seven distinct ranges.  If you can’t find the exact tone you’re looking for, Swisspearl even offers custom colour options. The range also allows the ability to choose from multiple fibre cement external cladding sizes and the flexibility to cut to your individual specifications.


Swisspearl has achieved non-combustible status by satisfying the strict requirements of AS2908.2 – classified fibre-reinforced cement sheeting, under section C1.9(e)(iv) of the National Construction Code (NCC).

Highly Durable & Impact Resistant Fibre Cement Cladding

Swisspearl high-density fibre cement  panels have been tested against extreme heat, freezing temperatures and large hail impact, as well as being designed to resist rot. This superior level of extreme impact resistance means you can be confident that a Swisspearl façade will add a protective envelope to all your projects.

Low Maintenance &
UV Resistant

With a premium surface finish that’s low-maintenance and highly resistant to harmful UV rays, Swisspearl high-density fibre cement cladding panels are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate, even in the most remote areas.

Ideal for

Swisspearl’s highly adaptable nature means it can be easily retrofitted onto existing projects. It’s the ideal choice for rectification and recladding works where improved fire-resistant cladding products are required.

Local Sales &
Technical Support

We have technical expertise and sales support in each state able to assist with your specifications and order enquiries.  Swisspearl is stocked locally, so it’s easily accessible.

Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Fibre Cement Wall Cladding

Manufactured with a high level of environmental awareness, Swisspearl high-density fibre cement panels are made from 95% cement, pulverised limestone, water and air. The manufacturing process uses a closed water cycle and a slow natural curing time, so it consumes far less energy than the production of most other building materials.

Rear Ventilated

Swisspearl fibre cement cladding panels are installed using a rear-ventilated system, providing a natural efficient method that will provide energy savings on installation.


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