How to choose your feature façade

When designing a home, one thing is clear, Australians love feature facades. HVG Facades has an extensive range of cladding solutions for your next project, whether you’re dreaming of a modern, minimal city home, a bright airy coastal retreat or a more traditional heritage home inspired by the surrounding Australian landscape. It is common to focus on the interior finishes to recreate these styles. While the internal spaces can often be front of mind when designing projects, the external spaces and façade should not be overlooked. Integrating specialty finishes such as richly textured woodgrains to your façade can create a sense of cohesion and continuity across the interior and exterior, with the Façade providing visitors a glimpse of what’s to come upon entering the home.

When you are choosing how to showcase your façade there are several design elements to consider:

Should you use Vertical or Horizontal Cladding?

Choosing between vertical and horizontal orientations for your facade can inform your design as a contemporary design or a classic traditional weatherboard style. When combining vertical and horizontal boards you can create a modern facade and introduce unique finishes for both applications. 

The ZINTL® range of interlocking weatherboards by HVG Facades offers boards that are available for both vertical and horizontal, bringing together your favourite styles with ease. Additionally, using one board style in different widths creates unlimited design opportunities. Combining widths creates an ultra-contemporary finish whilst creating the illusion that the wall height is taller in appearance.

Featuring wood grain battens

Modern Coastal developments often create the classic Australian lifestyle with a 21st-century twist. With homeowners opting for low maintenance materials that allow them to enjoy their lifestyle and prioritise indoor/outdoor living.

ZINTL® Aluminum Weatherboard and Batten systems in the American Ash finish was the ideal solution for seasoned renovators and property experts Joel and Bianca. It was perfect for their Sunshine Coast project located near the beach, knowing ZINTL®’s corrosion-resistant material offered the convenience of a low-maintenance timber look that matches their lifestyle and needs. 

Using battens as screening allows for privacy and shading from the sun yet creates an eye-catching feature. Pairing the light and natural woodgrain finish with their classic white exterior to create a warm, modern-Australian coastal look.


Mixing finishes and products

In creating an ultra-modern home or when planning an extension of a traditional heritage home, you can create unique cladding upgrades by combining colours, finishes and textures. The HVG Facades range includes Vetérro®, a textured fibre cement for organic and natural elements, solid and bonded aluminium in MondoClad® and Nucleo® for modern panelling and ZINTL® interlocking aluminium panels for both classic and contemporary approaches to the weatherboard aesthetic. 

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