Project Details

Architect :           SCAU Architecture

Owner :                 Vinci Immobilier

Photographer : Olivier Brunet

Colours:                 White, Light Grey, Black Glazed Mat

With its eleven floors, the Ellipse tower was conceived as an urban beacon. Its façade is decked out in Terreal glazed cladding with very neutral contemporary colours hanging in an alignment with the brick of workers’ houses.

For this project, the architects were looking for a thin product, narrow and long, which contributes to the verticality of the building and the curved façades to create a living architecture. They got that result here thanks to the constant variations from the awnings, whether they’re lowered or not, and the changing effects of glazed terracotta cladding in the light. They offer a contemporary reinterpretation of the terracotta that is so present in Amiens city.

Colours & Finishes