Project Details

Payette architects have given the Brandeis University campus near Boston a new heart within the science complex. With a whole set of measurements and a cutting-edge Science Center, they not only reorganised the pedestrian flow, but also connected the various faculties to encourage interdisciplinary discourse. The new Science Center, as well as countless smaller architectural features, provide a completely new pedestrian movement – called the River – alongside and through the complex.

Type of building:                                          Educational Building
Architect:                                                         Payette, Boston, USA
Colours:                                                            Swisspearl Carat, Azurite 7042 & Sapphire 7061
Project Size m2:                                            1885
Application:                                                    Exterior and Interior
Building period:                                            2007-2009
Photographs:                                                 Warren Jagger, Providence, USA

Colours & Finishes