Project Details

Project:        Chelsea Arts Tower – New York, United States


Product:      Trespa Meteon

Colour:         Uni Colours


A striking structure, the Chelsea Arts Tower is at the western edge of historic Chelsea, one of New York’s re-emerging fashionable neighborhoods and a new center of galleries, boutiques, clubs and residential development.

Consisting entirely of commercial condominiums, it is located in the heart of Manhattan’s gallery district and is the tallest building in the area at 280 feet. Designed specifically for artistic use, each floor has eleven-foot ceilings with full-height windows to allow for maximum light exposure. Along with the high ceilings, the building’s minimal columns and reinforced walls are all geared to supporting and displaying oversized artwork.

The 20-story tower is 110,000 sq-ft, made of concrete and glass and out-fitted with 45,000 square feet of Trespa® Meteon®. Architect Alan Garry, of Kossar + Garry Architects LLP, first conceived the building as an exposed concrete structure with aluminum curtain wall. As time passed, it became clear that exposed architectural grade concrete above the first floor would not be achievable.

Colours & Finishes