Project Details

This vast campus was designed in an astonishingly short time to remedy the acute shortage of high school space in a tornado-hit community in Missouri. Swisspearl® provided a solution for part of the exterior cladding as well as a signature wall inside the gym, which features the school’s emblem engraved in a two-layered paneling.
Project Type:             High School, Education
Architect:                     DLR Group, Overland Park (KS), AND CGA Architects, Joplin (MO), USA
Colours:                        Swisspearl Carat Coral 7031, 7032, 7031HR, 7032 HR and
Planea Custom Colour on Crystal base.
Project Size m2:       Exterior: 956, Interior: 682
Application:               Exterior and Internal project
Photographs:            Aliston Tutton Photography, Kansas City, USA

Colours & Finishes