Project Details

Following a renovation and extension, the existing sports hall in the Danish provincial town of Kibaek has been turned into a hub for the entire community. The envelope design, marked by an assembly of folded panels and ubiquitous triangular openings, distinguishes the extension from the original structure and advertises the public aspirations of the new centre


Location:                           Kibæk, Denmark

Client:                                 Kibæk Krydsfelt, Kibæk

Architects:                        Pro Arkitekter, Højbjerg, Denmark; Per Mikkelsen, in cooperation                                                       with Thorup Gruppen, Tarm, Denmark; Paul Lange

Building period                 2010–2011

Façade construction        René Lauritsen, Sønder Omme, Denmark

Façade material                SWISSPEARL® CARAT, Amber 7082

Colours & Finishes