NEW – Swisspearl High-Density Fibre Cement Cladding Panels – Incora

Stylishly authentic fibre cement cladding with a natural contrast


The innovative Swisspearl high-density fibre cement cladding panel Incora range stands out through a vivid spreading pattern of marble granules throughout the sheet, which allows a balanced interplay of colours.

The non-combustible and durable large size façade panels are ideal for anyone who wants an out-of-the-ordinary finish but also needs optimum functionality.

The high quality of every single panel is apparent in the details of the individualised appearance, which is the result of the balanced spreading technique.

During the manufacturing process, the still-moist panels are sprinkled with high-quality granulated marble that gives them a unique and dynamic look.

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Swisspearl Incora Brochure