Important Update

Important Update on COVID-19 From Our CEO

At HVG, we understand the importance of strong working partnerships, especially in challenging times. So, we wanted to reach out to offer you some reassurance. We’re continuing with business as usual, with no significant changes that you will see in how we operate.
Like all responsible businesses, we are taking various measures to ensure our staff, their families and anyone we come in contact with is protected from contracting COVID-19.

Our Products:

We have large inventories of products around our branches, so we are able to fulfil forecast orders as usual as you need them.

Ongoing Supply:

We are in constant communication with our overseas suppliers to understand their operations and capability to keep delivering on our ongoing requirements. The only impact on lead times we are seeing at present is some delays in sea freight due to a shortage of empty shipping containers in Europe. This is a situation that will fix itself in the near future.

Future Pricing:

The current large devaluation of the Australian Dollar against major world trading currencies in recent weeks will affect our future selling prices. Our divisional General Managers will communicate to you in the days ahead regarding this.

We’re here to work with you – be that through the good and the challenging times. So as the next few months unfold, please know that we’re here to help today and in the future when this period passes.

If you have any concerns or further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Bruce Rayment
Chief Executive Officer

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