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Reclad. Recycle. Restore. Make your next recladding project even greener.

Why removing your non-compliant cladding is like a breath of fresh air

HVG Facades’ EnviroSmart™ program was created to ensure that non-compliant ACP cladding would not only be removed, but also 100% recycled, right here in Australia. By working with recycling experts, this forward-thinking program will make sure the aluminium and PE core from these panels will never end up in landfill again.

Now, in addition to recycling and reusing non-compliant aluminium cladding, we’ve gone one significant step further and teamed up with Carbon Positive Australia to plant trees and help restore the Australian landscape.

From August 2021, we’re making a new commitment to the future of the environment.

For every qualified project, where non-compliant cladding is removed and recycled using the EnviroSmart™ program, HVG Facades will donate and plant trees on your behalf with Carbon Positive Australia.

A registered Australian charity working to combat climate change and restore habitats, Carbon Positive Australia plants native trees and shrubs on unused and degraded land to restore the natural habitat. Over their 20-year history, they’ve restored almost 5,000 hectares of land across Australia.


HVG Facades has been a leading supplier of cladding and recladding materials to the Australian construction industry for more than 50 years. Today, we not only improve the health and safety of buildings, but we also aim to assist in improving the health and safety of the entire planet.

In the current global environment, recladding isn’t just about achieving peace of mind, it’s become essential for compliance and insurance purposes.

It’s also why we created EnviroSmart™. This visionary program is an end-to-end solution that takes previously singular use products and feeds them back into the manufacturing process to be reused and recycled again. Cost effective and safe, EnviroSmart™ is a completely transparent solution that can provide certified documentation of the entire process.


HVG Facades premium solid aluminium solution, MondoClad®, is an ideal choice for replacing a non-compliant façade. CodeMark certified, NCC compliant and certified to AS1530.1, MondoClad® has been designed with compliance in mind. It makes the building approvals process more streamlined, to help ensure your project is met on time. It is stocked locally, therefore there are reduced lead times for delivery. What’s more, your project can be completed with very little disruption to the building’s operation and its occupants.

Thanks to its 100% recyclability, recladding with MondoClad® can further enhance your green credentials. Its superior PVDF architectural paint finish and colour retention will improve the durability of any project and MondoClad® will also give you the opportunity to update a building with a more contemporary look thanks to its wide range of colours, sizes and finishes.


When you take part in EnviroSmart™’s tree planting scheme you’ll receive a certificate acknowledging your much-appreciated donation from Carbon Positive Australia. As more and more corporations seek ways to conduct business in an environmentally friendly way, recladding with EnviroSmart™ can help with your own green visibility. Choose EnviroSmart™ for your next recladding project, and you’ll be making connections with like-minded companies who are just as concerned about the future of the planet as you are. Together we can pool our efforts to make more sustainable choices for good.

To find out how to book in your next recladding project with EnviroSmart™, visit www.hvgfacades.com.au/envirosmart

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