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MondoClad® and ZINTL® cladding solutions to help weatherproof your building

External facade systems have been the focal point of compliance issues in recent years, not just in the Australian design and construction industry, but across the world. In 2019, Deakin University undertook a study that examined 212 building defect reports. The study found that moisture and water penetration issues were, unfortunately, extremely common across Australia. It also found that non-compliant and poorly fitted cladding in effective waterproofing in general, was the main cause. We’ve recently completed weatherproofing for two of our most premium and popular products, ZINTL® Interlocking Aluminium Cladding system and MondoClad® Solid Aluminium Panels, and we’re pleased to announce that both cladding solutions passed with flying colours.

The National Construction Code (NCC) places very demanding requirements on the weatherproofing of external walls. ZINTL® and MondoClad® cladding has been tested to AS4284 (meets the FP1.4 Performance Requirement, and FV1.1 Verification Method) as a “cavity wall” (rear ventilated facade), with drainage provisions at the base of the system. This means that designers, architects and specifiers can rest assured that the testing undertaken more than satisfies the NCC FP1.4 Performance Requirement.

ZINTL® external cladding is also fire-resistant and non-combustible (certified to C1.9 (e)(v), after being tested to AS1530.1.), easy-to-install, safe and cost effective. Timelessly elegant and enduring, it’s available in a range of interlocking weatherboard profiles that are fully customisable, making them ideal for any budget, aesthetic and application.

Most recently, HVG Facades has completed a weatherproofing test on our premium solid aluminium panel product, MondoClad®. In this round of testing a rigid air barrier (RAB) was installed behind the panels, instead of a more standard flexible wall wrap. The combination of the MondoClad® panels with the RAB meant that the system was able to withstand higher wind pressures than ever before. Most systems tested with flexible wall wraps have been found to withstand wind pressures between 1.5kpa and 1.8kpa. When paired with a RAB, MondoClad® was successfully tested to 3kpa, however we are confident that it would surpass that performance if and when tested.

MondoClad®’s ability to withstand high wind pressures makes it ideal for applications in the northern regions of Australia and, because it’s made using a corrosion-resistant marine grade alloy, it’s even more suited to installation in the harsh Australian environment. CodeMark certified and categorically non-combustible (certified to AS1530.1), MondoClad® also offers exceptional fire performance and peace of mind. The MondoClad® range comes in a wide variety of finishes and sizes and provides a premium solid aluminium façade panel that’s not only durable and safe but can also be safely specified for a range of projects without compromising design.

For premium performance, superior weather resistance, and NCC compliance, HVG Facades’ ZINTL® and MondoClad® ranges are second to none.

For more information about these cladding solutions, or any other product in the HVG Facades range, visit hvgfacades.com.au.

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