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MondoClad non-combustible external cladding – CNC routing

CNC routing is one of the most effective ways to conveniently cut and route MondoClad solid aluminium panels into individual fixed cassettes. An efficient procedure, the CNC router provides a neat and precise groove, allowing for simple folding of the edges of individual MondoClad panels.

Spindle rotation speeds and feed rates may vary depending on the make of the CNC router. A lubricant mister, that can be found on the side of the cutting head, releases a very fine spray of specially formulated, environmentally friendly lubricant. This is critical to achieving an excellent machining result.

When using a CNC router, remember:

  • They can be used for both straight and contour cutting, as well as providing a groove for folding.
  • When making a groove, the minimum distance to the face should be 0.7mm.
  • Spindle rotation speeds and feed rates are machine specified. We recommend discussing options with the manufacturer directly prior to use to ensure optimum performance.

MondoClad solid aluminium cladding can be cut into panels using several techniques. Speak to your CNC manufacturer to find the one best suited to your next job.

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