Non-Combustible Premium Solid Aluminium Panels. Perfect choice for your next recladding project.

Premium Solid Aluminium Panels

As your trusted supplier of premium cladding solutions, HVG Facades presents MondoClad® — the premier solid aluminium cladding panel.

MondoClad® is our high-quality solid aluminium cladding panel solution, crafted from marine-grade aluminium for lasting durability and fire safety.

It is a non-combustible cladding option certified under C1.9 (e)(v) of the National Construction Code (NCC). MondoClad® meets the strictest fire safety standards, including AS1530.1 and AS4284, ensuring it’s safe for construction.

Our MondoClad® solid aluminium cladding panels are CodeMark certified. You can trust this product’s reliability and long-term usage.

MondoClad® offers a variety of finishes, colours and sizes, enabling the fulfilment of intricate design visions without sacrificing safety.

Our product is a reliable solid aluminium cladding solution that doesn’t compromise on safety or aesthetic appeal, making it the panel of choice for professionals across the industry.

MondoClad® provides architects, designers, developers, builders, and contractors with a solid aluminium cladding solution that is compatible and ideal for commercial, educational, aged care and residential projects.

Superior, Non-Combustible & Low Maintenance

MondoClad® solid aluminium cladding panels are also designed to be corrosion-resistant. The panels are made from a marine-grade alloy, making them well suited to the demanding Australian climate. 

The PVDF paint finish on MondoClad® has long-lasting UV stability and vivid colour. Professionals trust this product for any build. 

These panels are non-combustible and low-maintenance, and their flexibility allows for customisation into cassettes. MondoClad® is the perfect aluminium solid panel solution for new and recladding projects. Builders, architects, designers, installers and engineers trust this product for any type of build. 

We offer various colours and sizes, with flexible personalisation capabilities. Upon your request, MondoClad® is ready to meet diverse design requirements.

MondoClad® Features

MondoClad® provides the most trusted solid aluminium cladding panels in the market today. Explore the superior features of MondoClad:

Sustainable Management and Recycling Program

As the leading supplier of solid aluminium cladding, HVG Facades commits to addressing the environmental impact of non-compliant cladding. With the anticipated removal of polyethylene (PE) cladding set to produce over 20,000 tonnes of waste, we focus on mitigating this situation through sustainable recladding practices and materials.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Cladding

At HVG Facades, our commitment to sustainability is one of our core business objectives – we aim to minimise any negative impact we have on the environment. The materials we offer, such as MondoClad®, provide long-life performance, are low maintenance, and are highly durable, therefore reducing the overall environmental footprint of the building. 

MondoClad® solid aluminium is manufactured from more than 30% recycled material and is supplied as a pre-finished panel. The paint is applied in a continuous coating process before the aluminium is fabricated into panels. This minimises the need for additional transportation compared to powder coating. 

MondoClad® plays a key role in the sustainability of new buildings and the rejuvenation of existing ones. Its high performance across various areas contributes to better energy efficiency, excellent safety, and enhanced comfort in new buildings.

Premium Manufacturing Process



Solid Aluminium Cladding Engineered for Excellence and Reliability

Discover MondoClad® by HVG Facades. Engineered for excellence and reliability, our product is the go-to choice for those who demand the best durability and performance. Connect with us to experience the MondoClad® difference and upgrade your projects with the utmost confidence.

In addition to MondoClad®, we also supply the following brands:

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