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Terreal provide a wide range of cladding and architectural products used worldwide by architects and designers with an eye for sustainability without sacrificing aesthetics.

With the option of longer tiles, a wide colour range and a selection of sunscreen options including baguettes and louvers. HVG Facade Solutions offer the complete package in terracotta building materials.

Blending the industrial tradition of terracotta with modern technology to develop innovative, aesthetically pleasing and high-performance building solutions, Terreal terracotta products have been a major player in the revival of terracotta in contemporary architecture.

With a range of colours, surfaces and formats that are designed to protect and last, Terreal terracotta products are ideal for use in both the construction of new buildings and the redesign of existing structures, large or small. Easy to maintain and 100 percent recyclable, the Terreal terracotta products range not only offers sustainability advantages, it also carries a 15-year warranty in Australia.


Drawing on its 35-year expertise in façade products, Terreal has mastered the exceptional properties of terracotta and adapted them to the requirements of sustainable construction.

Cooling in summer, regulating temperatures in winter, the solutions in our product range fit perfectly into external insulation systems and are suitable for new constructions and renovation projects.

Terracotta is a material with cutting-edge production
techniques and industry leading performance in all
requirements: manufacturing consistency, numerous
colour variations, product customization, ease of
installation, versatility, insulation performance and
environmental responsiveness.
While other materials may challenge terracotta in some
of these fields, few acheive all of the following qualities:

  • Durable
  • Modern
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Natural
  • Fire Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
External Thermal Insulation

Faced with today’s environmental challenges, insulation is
crucial to both new constructions and renovation projects.

Terreal Thermal Image

External wall insulation, a must for energy efficiency.

  • Improves comfort during summer and winter
  • Lowers heat loss of the building envelope
  • Helps to significantly reduce energy consumption

Terracotta Colours | Material, Texture and Designs

Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, terracotta
is the leader among materials that offer architects
a rich and long lasting palette of colours to create a dynamic
and coherent environment.



Reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions

TERREAL has an energy consumption control programme with a target of 20% less CO2 emissions per ton produced by 2020. All our production units have undergone a thorough energy review, which revealed numerous areas in which savings could be made: heat recovery from furnaces, heat exchangers, etc.

Other ideas are being developed such as baking products using biomethane produced from the fermentation of waste.

With the ECOCEA project, the Chagny plant is the first tile production unit in the world to use household waste from surrounding towns to produce biomethane and use it to bake their tiles. More than one third of the tile production plant’s energy needs will be met in this way.

Reducing the impact of our activities on the environment

Every TERREAL site measures and regularly declares all its impacts, and implements optimization measures: limiting dust emissions, flue gas purification, recycling industrial waste. Before beginning to exploit its quarries, TERREAL conducts an initial examination of the fauna and flora, establishes a biodiversity conservation plan and then afterwards rehabilitates the area: reforestation, re-cultivation, creating an area of water, etc.

Terreal Image 11

Colour Range

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