Swisspearl – Super Tough Fibre Cement Panels

Style.  Substance.  Structure.


For over 40 years Swisspearl, the leader in durable high-density fibre cement panels, has invested in extensive research and development.  The result is a truly impressive high-density fibre cement architectural panel that is brilliantly suited to protect buildings from severe weather – especially the harsh Australian sun, heat, heavy rain and fierce hailstorms.

With a 20-year warranty and simple non-combustible compliance pathway, Swisspearl provides peace of mind of long-term panel performance Australian conditions for many years to come.

Swisspearl high-density fibre cement panels have been tested against extreme heat, freezing temperatures and large hail impact, as well as being designed to resist rot.

The video below is a great example of the durability and impact resistance of Swisspearl under extreme testing conditions.


Impact Resistance Testing Video click here








European Design.   Made for the Great Australian Landscape.

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