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MondoClad® – Our premium, solid aluminium panel solution

How it all began…

The market was changing and HVG Facades needed to find a premium, non-combustible, solid aluminum product to satisfy its altered requirements. So, in 2018, after extensive and thorough research, we launched MondoClad®.

Developed from marine grade aluminium, MondoClad® is our premium solid aluminium panel solution. Offering exceptional quality and fire performance, MondoClad® provides a definitive, non-combustible cladding solution for compliance and safety, without the complications.

Design-friendly and flexible

Available in a wide range of finishes and sizes MondoClad® ensures even the most complex designs can be achieved. It provides architects, designers, developers, builders and contractors a premium solid aluminium façade panel that can be used for commercial, educational, aged care and residential projects without compromising on design.

Its non-combustibility and low maintenance, together with its ability to be folded into cassettes, makes MondoClad® a perfect aluminium panel solution for both new construction and recladding projects. Available in a Solid, Metallic and Natural finish, with a range of 31 colours to choose from, MondoClad® is stocked locally in several colours and sizes and can even be customised upon request.

Made for Australian conditions

Made from a highly corrosive resistant marine grade alloy, MondoClad® has a superior PVDF architectural paint finish that ensures UV stability and colour retention, making it ideal for installation in the harsh Australian environment. This is a product that really will stand the test of time.

Delivering a high-level of sustainability

At HVG Facades our commitment to sustainability is one of our core business objectives – we aim to minimise any negative impact we have on the environment. MondoClad® solid aluminium is made from more than 30% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

In the production process, the paint is applied in a coil coating process before the aluminium is fabricated into panels, to minimise the need for additional transportation unlike a powder coating process. This PVDF coating is a highly efficient ‘closed loop’ process. The coating curing ovens burn the harmful VOCs and use them as fuel, therefore saving energy and eliminating pollutants. Coil coating achieves at least a 98% rate for capture and destruction efficiency, eradicating toxic air pollutants that would otherwise be released into the air.

Tried and tested

Categorically non-combustible certified to AS1530.1, MondoClad also passed all the compliance requirements of the NCC 2019 Weatherproofing Verification Methods V2.2.1 and FV1 with ease.

Leading the way

MondoClad® is our fastest and most popular selling product and is a leading non-combustible solution in the industry today.

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