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A Non-Combustible Cladding Solution Without Compromising Design.


Developed from marine grade aluminium, MondoClad® is our premium solid aluminium panel solution. Offering exceptional quality and fire performance, MondoClad® provides a definitive, non-combustible cladding solution for compliance and safety with no complications.


Categorically non-combustible certified to AS1530.1, our MondoClad solid aluminium cladding panels come in a wide range of finishes and sizes to ensure even the most complex designs can be achieved.

MondoClad provides architects, designers, developers, builders and contractors a premium solid aluminium façade panel they can safely specify for commercial, educational, aged care and residential projects without compromising design.

Utilising a highly corrosive resistant marine grade alloy, MondoClad is ideal for installation in the harsh Australian environment.

Together with its non-combustibility, low maintenance and an ability to be folded into cassettes, MondoClad makes an ideal aluminium panel solution for new construction or recladding projects.

The superior PVDF architectural paint finish of MondoClad aluminium cladding system ensures UV stability, colour retention and a product that will stand the test of time.

MondoClad delivers a high-level sustainability and is 100% recyclable.

Stocked locally in several colours and sizes, MondoClad also offers custom colours and sizes upon request.


MondoClad® Benefits


100% Non-combustible to AS1530.1

This means that MondoClad® is NCC compliant, streamlining the building approvals process to ensure your project is met on time. It also makes the ideal choice for recladding projects where existing panels used (what we now label as a  ‘combustible cladding’) failed to meet state and national compliance laws.

Custom sizes, colours and finishes

MondoClad® offers custom colours and sheet sizes, including oversized aluminium cladding sheets ensuring  your design is achieved.

15-year warranty

MondoClad® solid alumnium panels offer high colour retention and will not oxidise over time.

PVDF finish

An aluminium facade system with a superior long-lasting finish, no cracking when fabricated.

High quality marine grade aluminium

MondoClad® is designed to be corrosion resistant, meaning it will not oxidise. The high quality solid aluminium panel is an ideal choice for all locations.

Easy to fabricate

When Folding, routing and cutting.

Stocked in Australia

As MondoClad® is stocked locally, there are reduced lead times for delivery.

Expert advice

A team of experts with strong industry and technical knowledge is available to assist in enquires.

Competitively priced

MondoClad® aluminium cladding systems are market priced in line with current industry climate, making it an affordable high-quality option.



MondoClad aluminium panels provide the ideal façade material for buildings & recladding projects around Australia.  Offering an extensive colour palette, MondoClad solid aluminium cladding provides a safe, sustainable and durable solution to building design in Australia.

Setting the benchmark for pre-painted aluminium wall panels, MondoClad lends itself to a wide range of applications including high rise buildings, education, health care and residential.

MondoClad is the ideal non-combustible cladding alternative for project builds that are focused on exceeding fire compliance laws or for the recladding of existing projects that may have once used a combustible cladding product. 


MondoClad – premium solid aluminium facades

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Specification for MondoClad®

Aluminium Solid Aluminium Panel Cladding System

Fixed Watertight Cassette Panel System – 3mm thick



The scope of work includes the design, supply fabrication and installation of MondoClad® solid aluminium panel cladding, complete with all necessary sub-structures, anchors, hardware and fittings to provide a total installation, fully in conformity with the requirements and intent of the drawings and specification herein.

The cladding system shall be installed complete with matching copings, flashing etc. by an approved cladding specialist subcontractor in accordance with the supplier’s recommendations.




The proposed MondoClad® panel cladding shall be based on a watertight cassette panel system and divided into individual panels as indicated on architectural drawings.

A typical panel shall be fitted with extruded aluminium angle brackets.  Such brackets shall be positioned in such a manner that brackets attached to adjacent panels shall overlap.

Fastening of panels shall take place and be concealed within the panel joints through the overlapping angle brackets into furring channels behind.

A construction joint of 12mm minimum shall be provided between cladding elements to cater for easy panel installation.  All fixing and joint details shall be designed to provide for the expected thermal and structural movements.

To conceal fixings and form a watertight seal, seal construction joint with a suitable silicone or polyurethane sealant over a closed cell foam backing rod.  Sealant applied to be of a type in accordance with sealant supplier’s recommendations.

Horizontal cladding areas ideally should have a slope of 1:15

(4 approx) and to prevent staining should slope away from visible vertical facade areas.



All MondoClad solid aluminium panel cladding shall be so designed to meet or exceed specified performances required for the prevailing local weather conditions.

3.1.      Design Wind Loading :

               kPa positive and negative.

No cladding element shall sustain permanent deformation or failure under loading equivalent 1.5 times the design wind pressure specified.

3.2.      Deflection

Deflection of any aluminium frame shall not exceed 1/150 of the clear span.

3.3.      Expansion and Contraction

The cladding shall be so fabricated and erected as to provide for all expansion and contraction of the components.  Any temperature change due to climatic conditions shall not cause harmful buckling, opening of joints, undue stress on fastening and anchors, noise of any kind or other defects.

3.4.      Flatness

With a gloss of 30% according to GARDNER Scale, the cladding surface taken individually shall not have any irregularities such as oil canning, waves, buckles and other imperfections when viewed at any position but not less than at an angle of 15 degrees to the true plane of the panel, with natural lighting of incident of not less than the same angle.



4.1.      Cladding Material

All cladding shall be 3.0mm thick MondoClad solid aluminium panel, ASTM Alloy 5052

(a)        Thickness:



(b)       Mechanical Properties:

Tensile strength 215 MPa

0.2% proof stress >  160 MPa

Elongation 7%

Modulus of Elasticity 69.3 GPa


(c)        Sound:

Absorption Factor NCR-0.05 Reflection 95%


(d)       Rigidity (E x I)

:  0.240 kNm2/m


(e)       Panel weight

:  8.31kg/m2


(f)        Finish

The external cladding panel surface shall be factory prefinished by the supplier with a Fluoropolymer coating of either PVDF or FEVE or combination of both applied through a “REVERSE ROLLER COATING” process. Total dry-film thickness of the coating shall be 30 microns minimum consisting of a chromate conversion coating, an inhibitive primer and a top coat.

The coated surface shall comply strictly with:

  • AAMA 2605-11

The finished surface shall be factory protected with a self-adhesive peel-off foil, tested to withstand at least 3 months exposure to local weather conditions without losing the original peel-off characteristic or causing stains or other damages.

Application of the Fluoropolymer  coating system by means of spray coating before or after forming and shaping of the cladding elements shall not be permitted.

The reverse side of the cladding panel surface facing the wall shall be in mill finish.


(g)        Colour/Gloss

: As per MondoClad® standard colour chart with approx. 30% gloss according to GARDNER scale


4.2      The MondoClad Solid Aluminium shall be tested in accordance with Australian Standards listed below.


Test Description Result
AS 1530.1 Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures Combustibility test for materials Passed
AS 1530.3 Simultaneous determination of Ignitibility, Flame Propagation, Heat Release and Smoke Release”


Ignitability Index          0

Flame Propagation     0

Heat Release             0

Smoke Release         0-2



4.3.      Aluminium extrusions

Non visible extrusion shall be of aluminium alloy AA 6063-T5 in mill finish.


4.4.      Fixings

(a)       Fasteners, including concealed screws, nuts, bolts and other items  required for connecting aluminium to aluminium or aluminium to steel shall be in accordance with AS 3566.2 and of a type to suit its application and exposure conditions.

Class 1 and 2: Internal applications.

Class 3: External applications, moderate industrial and marine applications.

Class 4: Severe marine applications

(b)        Blind rivets used for fastening MondoClad panel to aluminium sub-frame shall be of aluminium alloy with stainless steel mandrel.


(c)       All fixing anchors, brackets and similar attachments used in the erections, shall be of aluminium, non-magnetic stainless steel, zinc coated steel, or hot dip zinc galvanised steel.


4.5.      Dissimilar Materials

Where two surfaces of dissimilar material come into contact, such surfaces shall be insulated with a layer of PVC or Polyethylene tape.



5.1.      All cladding panels shall be factory fabricated and assembled in compliance with the supplier’s Data Sheets and to the best standard of workmanship under experienced factory supervision and control.

5.2.      All panels shall be cut and routed using equipment and tools recommended and approved by the panel supplier. After folding into cassettes, an extruded aluminium profile shall be fixed to the minimum 20mm deep return bend using 5mm blind rivets.

Rivets shall be properly positioned not less than 15mm from the edge of the MondoClad panel and the distance between rivets shall not exceed 500mm.

The corners of the panels shall be as per supplier’s drawing No. 6.6.10. (attached)

5.3.      If reinforcement of the panel will be required, an extruded aluminium profile of suitable cross-section and strength shall be bonded to the reverse side of the MondoClad panel using “3M VHB4991” or “Tesa 7078 ACX Plus” double sided tape.  Application of bonding systems shall be in strict conformity with the supplier’s specification and recommendations.  The ends of the stiffener shall be mechanically joined to the panel sub-frame.

5.4.      Each panel shall be marked on the reverse side for easy identification of size and location.

5.5.      Finished panels shall be stored and transported to site in vertical position, face-to-face resp. back-to-back, with adequate protection to prevent scratches and dents.

5.6       The factory applied protective peel-off foil shall only be removed after the panels have been installed on site.



6.1       Panels shall be stored on site in vertical position, face-to face resp. back-to back-, with adequate protection to prevent scratches and dents.

6.2       Any component parts which are observed to be defective in any way, including warped, bowed, dented, abraded and broken members must not be installed.  Member or parts which have been damaged during installation or thereafter before the time of final acceptance shall be removed and replaced.

6.3       No cutting, trimming, welding or brazing of any component parts during erection, in any manner which would damage the finish, decrease the strength or result in a visual imperfection or failure in performance shall be executed during erection.  Component parts which require alteration shall be returned to shop for fabrication, if necessary replaced with new parts.

6.4       Anchorage of the cladding structure to the building structure shall be by approved methods in strict accordance to the specification and approved shop and/or erection drawing.  Supporting brackets shall be so designed as to provide three-dimensional adjustments and accurate location of cladding components.

6.5       All component parts shall be installed level, true to line with uniform joints and reveals.

Maximum deviation for vertical member:  3mm max. in a 5.200m run and 5mm max. in an 11.00m run.

Maximum deviation for horizontal members: 3mm max. in an 8.500m run.

Maximum offset from true alignment between the abutting members shall not exceed 1.0mm.

The tolerance of the width of the joints between two panels shall be maximum 2mm.

6.6       Cladding panels shall be left protected by the factory applied peel-off foil as long as possible.  Under no circumstances shall the peel-off foil on individual panels be partially removed and left exposed to weathering.

6.7       Before handing over of the completed cladding, all peel-off foil shall be removed.  Panels which were exposed to weathering without peel-off foil shall be cleaned in accordance with supplier’s recommendation.





























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Tech & Installation

MondoClad – premium solid aluminium facades



Technical Data Sheet Download Here


Fixing Systems

Downloadable drawings available on the links below:


MondoClad Fixing Systems Routed

MondoClad Fixing Systems Folded


MondoClad Paint Finish

MondoClad panels are prefinished with a PVDF Fluoropolymer architectural paint finish that has been coil coated to produce a top-quality finish, which is flexible, weather resistance and colour stable.

With a gloss level of approximately 30% in accordance with ASTM D523, this tough coating has a 2H hardness as tested to ASTM D3363.

The pre-painted MondoClad surface is protected by an 80-micron peel off film that should be removed within a 3-month period.


Processing MondoClad










MondoClad sheets can be fabricated into panels using various techniques.

  • Circular saw

    • The best result is usually achieved using a track guided circular saw
    • Discuss the blade selection with the saw manufacturer
    • The back of the panel can be V groove routed to allow for hand folding without the need of bending equipment
    • A depth gauge roller suitable for 3mm thickness may be required


  • Vertical Panel Saw

    • This type of saw can be effectively used to cut and route MondoClad
    • Seek the advice of the manufacturer in the selection of appropriate tools
    • It is suggested that existing owner of vertical saws should look at retro fitting their equipment to add a variable speed driver controller and lubricant misting equipment
    • When creating a V Groove for folding, the minimum thickness left in the bottom of the groove should be 0.8mm


  • CNC Router

      • This equipment can be used for straight and contour cutting plus providing a V Groove for folding
      • When establishing a V Groove for folding, the minimum thickness left in the bottom of the groove should be 0.8mm
      • The spindle rotation speeds and feed rates are machine dependent and should be discussed with the manufacturer
      • In some circumstances a lubricant mister may be required with this type of machinery. Consult the manufacturer



  • Folding

    • After the V Groove has been formed, fold the return leg back in one movement
    • It is recommended that a portable folding tool be used for small panels and a folding machine/bed for larger format panels
    • The initial folded angle should slightly more than the final angle required


  • Shearing

    • MondoClad can be guillotined to the required size
    • Ensure the cut material is captured to prevent damage


  • Roll Bending

    • To create curved surfaces, use a suitable bending machine
    • Safeguard the material by maintaining the protective film
    • Make certain the rollers are clean and dent free
    • The minimum bending radius should be no more than 15 times the thickness


  • Drilling

    • A high quality HSS centre point drill bit is suitable for drilling MondoClad


  • Rivet

    • You can rivet MondoClad using blind and solid rivets
    • Always consider the effects of thermal expansion and potential building movement


  • Screwing

    • Use stainless steel screws
    • Always consider the effects of thermal expansion and potential building movement


  • Welding

    • The common methods for welding MondoClad are TIG and MIG. Consult your local welding specialist


  •  Perforating

    • MondoClad can be perforated by punching, drilling or milling
    • Contact HVG Facades regarding the pattern and open area you are seeking to achieve


It is strongly recommended that you consult with machinery manufacturers and tool suppliers to secure the best fabrication result. We suggest that you conduct preliminary tests and trials prior to commencing the production of panels.

MondoClad Fabrication Guide

MondoClad Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

As many industries in the building and construction trade continue to be concerned with the lifecycle and sustainability of building materials, aluminium has increasingly become the material of choice over time. Being 100% recyclable, having unmatched strength, flexibility & longevity it is even being used in place of other metals such as steel.

Mondoclad – A Sustainable Cladding Choice

MondoClad® solid aluminium is manufactured from more than 30% recycled material and is supplied as a pre-finished panel. The paint is applied in a continuous coating process

before the aluminium is fabricated into panels. This minimises the need for additional transportation compared to using a powder coating process. MondoClad® plays a key role in the sustainability of new buildings and the renovation of existing ones. Thanks to its high-performance across a range of areas, it contributes to better energy efficiency, greater safety and enhanced comfort of new buildings.


MondoClad ® solid aluminium cladding wall panels are 100% recyclable offering an eco-friendly building solution. Importantly, there is no loss of the solid aluminium’s properties or quality of the material during the recycling process. Only 5% of the energy that’s used to initially create new aluminium panels is required for the recycling process. This means up to 95% less energy is required in comparison to other primary metals leading a reduction in emissions.


Mondoclad exterior aluminium cladding is made from alloys that are weatherproof, corrosion-resistant and immune to the harmful effects of UV rays. This ensures optimal performance and product longevity particularly for the harsh Australian environment.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to its high-performance across a range of areas, when these aluminium panels are used in new buildings and renovations it significantly contributes to better energy efficiency, greater safety and enhanced comfort of new buildings.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Process

PVDF coating is a highly efficient ‘closed loop’ process that’s used on MondoClad solid aluminium panels.. The coating curing ovens burn the harmful VOCs and use them as fuel, therefore saving energy and eliminating pollutants. 

 Our Commitment to Sustainable Cladding

At HVG Facades our commitment to sustainability is one of our core business objectives – we aim to minimise any negative impact we have on the environment. The materials we offer such as MondoClad® provide long life performance, are low maintenance and extremely durable, therefore reducing the overall environmental footprint of the building. 

Contact HVG Facades today for more information on MondoClad® premium solid aluminium panels, or request a sample online now.
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Corporate Identity

Offering a wide range of colours, limitless design opportunities and availability of custom colours, ALUCOBOND® PLUS, MondoClad® and Dibond FR are the ideal products for corporate branding.

For these reasons, Australia’s most trusted brands choose the premium HVG Facades range to ensure a consistent look across multiple sites throughout Australia.

For the exterior, HVG Facades ALUCOBOND PLUS and MondoClad are the ideal materials to create and maintain your corporate image. Unlike other alternatives, the HVG Façade premium range incorporates attributes such as long-term colour consistency, weather resistance, excellent flatness, rigidity and formability, as well as ease of maintenance.

With unmatched strength to weight ratio, major organisations such as 7-Eleven, United Petroleum, Nissan, Puma Fuels, Holden and Mazda use HVG Facades for their institutional branding Australia wide.

The market leader for decades, ALUCOBOND PLUS offers a tailor-made solution for every project, in terms of exclusive colours, eye-catching details, unusual shapes or innovative surface contours.

Developed from marine grade aluminium, MondoClad is our premium solid aluminium panel solution. Offering exceptional quality and fire performance, MondoClad® provides a definitive, non-combustible cladding solution for compliance and safety with no complications.

Categorically non-combustible certified to AS1530.1, our MondoClad solid aluminium panel  comes in a wide range of finishes and sizes to ensure even the most complex designs can be achieved.

Both Alucobond PLUS and MondoClad provide architects, designers, developers, builders and contractors a premium panel they can safely specify for commercial, educational, aged care and residential projects without compromising design.

Dibond FR offers the perfect interior fit out solution to maintain brand consistency and a premium look.

Our dedicated Corporate Identity Managers, quality product and warehousing capability sets us above the competition.

HVG Facades has a proven history of facilitating smooth supply programs for large corporate rollouts.

Contact HVG Facades today for more information on your Corporate Identity requirements, or request samples online now.

Call 1300 881 712 or email: [email protected]


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