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Nucleo® ensures peace of mind for designers and architects

Architects, designers, and specifiers can confidently design with Nucleo® for their projects. The premium bonded aluminium panel has been tested to NCC standards, ensuring optimal performance for any project. In addition, Nucleo® is deemed non-combustible, making it an ideal cladding solution.

Compliant to NCC 2022 F3P1 for Weatherproofing

Nucleo® premium bonded aluminium cladding panels have been tested to AS4284 and meets the compliance requirements of NCC 2022. Specifically, it meets the F3P1 Performance Requirement and F3V1 Verification Method in Volume One and the H2P2 Performance Requirement and H2V1 Verification Method in Volume Two.

external facade cladding in dark grey metallic on a low rise building

These tests were carried out by an independent NATA-certified test facility commissioned by HVG Facades. The system was tested using the fixed cassette fixing method and flexible vapour permeable weatherproof membrane and was subjected to cyclic and static water and wind pressures in accordance with the National Construction Code.

The test results showed:

  • no evidence of cracking or fatigue,
  • no leakage,
  • no water on the inside surface of the façade, and
  • no signs of water pooling.

Nucleo provides a fire-rated cladding solution.

nucleo feature image (1080 x 1600 px)

With no polymer in its core, Nucleo® is deemed non-combustible to AS1530.1 and achieves 0 for Ignitability and Spread of flame when tested to AS1530.3. This fire safety rating aids in shortening and streamlining the building approval process.

Additionally, we have taken testing to the next level whilst completing AS1530.3 testing, with Nucleo® specimens tested with 20mm and 200mm perforations and horizontal and vertical joints. This testing was conducted according to the NSW Cladding Product Safety Panel Report.

Order yTo help you visualise your project, you can order complimentary Nucleo samples here. Alternatively, you can access the digital colour card and product brochure for a more in-depth understanding of the products.

Nucleo Product Brochure

Nucleo Colour Card

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