The perfect cladding solution for remote area projects.

® is made for the great outdoors.


Finding the right building facade materials for projects in remote areas is never easy.  There are many factors that need to be considered, mostly due to the isolated and sometimes hard-to-access locations.

Cladding finishes used in remote areas need to be easy to install, highly durable, maintenance free and, obviously, non-combustible.  Swisspearl® high-density fibre cement external cladding ticks all these boxes and more.   That’s why it was chosen for the Wickham Community Hub, just outside Karratha, WA.

The architects at Gresley Abas had a unique design idea.  To construct a multi-coloured façade with a multitude of vertically installed narrow panels.   Swisspearl was able to meet this requirement with ease.   We supplied 25 different colours from our Carat range, 14 from our standard range and 11 unique, custom colours.

Swisspearl was also able to help make the installation of a complicated façade design easy. We supplied the cladding for the complete project cut to size, as well as packed and numbered.   This enabled efficient installation according to the elevation it was being fixed on.

This essentially provided the installer with a ‘paint by numbers system’ and allowed for an effortlessly controlled method of installation, minimising the need to cut on-site and removing unnecessary handling of the panels.

Non-combustible, hard-wearing and impact resistant, Swisspearl external high-density fibre cement panels have been designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.   Use it on your next new project or recladding job, no matter where it’s located.


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